kirbycap-deactivated20160607  asked:

You come across as so laid back and genuine, but intelligent as well. You're adorable and handsome and charming and it drives me nuts that I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet. It may seem silly, fangirling, but I mean it earnestly. <3

Awwww, you.  :B

I’m at C2E2 every year, and 2016 won’t be any exception.  Definitely my favorite con in the good ol’ Midwest.  You should hit it up!  It’s pretty sweet, and very well operated!  It also has the added bonus of being in Chicago, which has all sorts of tasty places to eat and neat places to visit.  Just sayin’.


That’s probably the easiest way to meet me, short of spotting me in passing at a Kopp’s, Bigfoot style.  Grainy footage and all.

But with like…a burger in my face.