Armed robbery at Five Guys Burgers

Photo; Ocala Post

// Ocala, Florida – Five Guys Burgers, located at 2701 Southwest College Road was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night. The robbery occurred at closing time. There were three employees on duty during the incident. One of the employees told police that he usually locks both doors to the

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What Would Linda Belcher Read?

Linda Belcher is a pretty awesome cartoon mom. A lot of us are fans here at APL, which led our adult librarians to wonder: What would Linda Belcher read?

Ready? Then let’s take a look at Linda Belcher’s bookshelf!

She knows how to have a good time:

She passes along hard-learned lessons to her kids:

She has that intuition that only mothers have:

She loves to put on a show:

She’s even tried her hand at synchronized swimming:

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