burger tape


My boyfriend along with 3 friends are opening up a music store called Everydaze Music in Los Angeles this May! They’ll be carrying Lolipop and Burger Records tapes and vinyl!!!! REPAIRS, INSTRUMENTS, VINTAGE CLOTHING, HOURLY REHEARSALS, RECORDS AND TONS OF LIVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

*I will also be making tons of new embroidery to have available there!!! Patches, totes and more!!!!!*

Shop is located at 5143 Whittier blvd. East LA, 90022.
323. 262.3777

Ok I still haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to run this blog, but I got this tape last Friday and it’s all I’ve been listening to!! (besides Taylor Swift haha)

Pastilla was one of my favorite bands back in 2007/2008 and I’m so happy Burger put their new album “Sentidos Saturados” on tape AND I got the inside scoop that they’re going to be playing a local show in January! I can’t wait :P

I suck at describing music, so this blog idea might actually be dumb haha, but Pastilla is like the perfect mix of pop rock with lyrics in english and español : )