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Southside - Jughead X Reader

A/N: This is based off the latest/season finale episode. Don’t read if you haven’t watched as it contains spoilers!!! 

Warnings: Swears? A lil bitta smut ;) My usual warnings I guess

Word count: 4346 (my longest by far!!!)

As you walked towards the your two raven haired friends, Jughead and Veronica, you started to think about how Juggie’s life was turning upside down, he had to move back t the Southside, live with a foster family, and go to Southside high, the gang was worried about him having to attend Southside High, but you were from the southside, so you knew you could take care of your best friend no matter what, plus you already planned to sneak into Southside high every couple of days to check on him.

Your thoughts stopped when you reached the table, “Can I sit?” you asked Jughead and Veronica, “Y/N, of course, take a seat with the outcasts” V smiled as she gestured to the seat next to her.

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I finally work someplace where they don’t give a shit what I wear, so now I just go in with Bob’s Burgers t-shirts and Bob’s Burgers hoodies. I use a Bob’s Burgers lanyard for my pass card and a Bob’s Burgers backpack to carry all my stuff. And I get compliments all the time. It’s pretty great.

House of Cards (VII)

Characters: Yoongi and Reader

Genre: love, falling in love, romance

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 , Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 (finale)

Summary: You fell in love with Yoongi when you least expected to. He was like a breath of fresh air that you greatly needed after an awful break up. You first thought that the two to you would just have some harmless fun. You didn’t realize that you two would build such a strong feeling for one another. Slowly it came to your attention that your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. You have to be careful while slowly building your relationship with him because with one wrong move, everything will fall into pieces leaving you with nothing more than shattered memories.

Hello Everybody! I am once again back with chapter 7. :) I’m actually surprised that I was able to post a new chapter out today. I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to today, but here I am with chapter 7 :) I hope you have all enjoyed it! I’m very thankful that some of you are really enjoying the series. Your kind and supporting words really do mean a lot to me, so I hope that you will continue to like the series along with my future stories. Also.. don’t mind me including a little bob’s burgers into the story.. (ha… ha…) Chapter 8 will be up as soon as possible. :) As always, remember to like, reblog and share. Happy Reading~

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“Y/N? Where are you going? I thought we were going to go to the movies later.” Crystal asked when she saw that you’ve changed into a cute dress.

“Oh crap. Sorry.. I forgot… I’m going to go to Alfred’s dorm to give him a surprise.” You apologized.

“But.. but.. what am I going to do now that I’m alone…” Crystal pouted.

You felt bad for forgetting about your plans with your best friend, but ever since school started you weren’t able to see Alfred often, so you wanted to give him a surprise. You swiftly hugged your best friend and promised that you would treat her to eat at her favourite dessert place tomorrow. Although Alfred was not in the same residence as Crystal, it was a good thing that his dorm was right across because it was getting really chilly in January, and you left your jacket in Crystal’s room. As you entered Alfred’s floor, his best friend, Justin, looked alarmed and asked why you were here.

“I’m here to give Alfred a big surprise.” You answered with a smile.

“Uh.. I don’t know if right now is a great idea….” Justin mumbled

“Why? Is he busy right now?” You asked.

“Uh.. Yeah. Alfred is…really busy… since it’s around exam time. Um. Maybe come back a couple of hours later, I’m sure he’ll have time to see you then.” Justin answered.

You were confused as to why Justin would be in your way of seeing Alfred. Justin was never the type of person to get into anyone’s way, especially not since you’re his best friend’s girlfriend.

“No. I won’t take long. I’ll just say a quick hi and then leave.”  You said as you quickly walked away from him.

What was him problem?

“Wait Y/N! You really should go. He’s really bus-“ He stopped himself just as he saw you freeze once you opened Alfred’s door.

What. The. Fuck. The moment you opened the door, you froze as your eyes directly stared at the two bodies on the bed. The two were too into each other that that they didn’t seem to see you staring right at them. Just by hearing their moans, you knew one of them had to Alfred. But who was the woman?

“Oh my god Alfred. God. You’re so good at this.” The woman moaned.

Wait. I know that voice. I’ve heard it somewhere before. Just as you were about to figure out who the woman was, you saw her head pop out of the sheets. It was Chelsea, who along with Crystal was also your best friend. Or at least you thought she was.

“Ch..Chelsea?” You whispered as you approached the bed.

The two froze as soon as they heard your voice.

“Y/N… what are you doing here?” Alfred shockingly asked.

You slowly backed away from the room trying to pretend like you didn’t see anything. This is all a lie. This can’t be true. I’m dreaming about this. Just as you were about to leave Alfred’s room, you saw him quickly pull on a pair on pants and a t-shirt before he came running towards you.

“Y/N! Wait! It’s not that you think it is!” He yelled running after you.

“Go away Alfred! Just leave me alone!”  You screamed while running.

“Y/N!”  you heard someone yell, but this time it wasn’t Alfred. Wait. It was Yoongi’s voice.

“Y/N! Wake up!” He yelled at you while shaking your body.

“Wh…What? Alfred? ” You confusingly asked as you started to wake up.

Shocked at the name of your ex boyfriend, Yoongi quickly informed you that you were dreaming. Now with your eyes opened and fully aware of your surroundings, you saw that Yoongi was leaning over your body and just staring at  you with a blank expression. Crap. Did I just say Alfred?

“Uh.. Good morning.” You hurriedly said as you got up.

“What were you dreaming about?”  Yoongi asked as he gave your a stern look.

“I… Uh..don’t remember.” You lied.

“I heard you call for Alfred.” Yoongi mumbled before he backed off of your bed.

Grabbing his hand you said,

“Don’t be like that.. It was just a dream.”

Although you knew that it was just a dream, this was the reality that you didn’t want to face. Sometimes you would be thinking about Alfred before Yoongi. Seeing the hurt look on his face, you didn’t know what to say or do to comfort him.

“Yoongi… I’m sorry… I.. I need some time..” You said.

Sighing he looked at your saddened eyes and gave in. He knew that something like this would eventually happened, but he didn’t care because as long as you were with him, he was happy.

“Baby it’s okay. You don’t need to be sorry. You said you needed time, and I’ll wait for you no matter how long it takes.” He reassured you.

But how long will it take? How long was it going to take you to forgot Alfred? Will Yoongi really be willing to wait for you even if it may take multiple weeks? Months? Years? Your trail of thought was ruined by the sound of Yoongi’s phone ringing.

“Hello? Yeah I’m at Y/N’s dorm right now. Lunch? Okay. I’ll see you then.” You heard Yoongi say to the other person on the line.

Looking at him with a questioned face, you wondered who he was talking to but felt that it was too nosy of you to ask, so you remained silent. But like always, he was able to answer your unasked questions and said,

“It was Namjoon. He said that the boys were planning on going out for lunch and he told me to bring you.”

Your eyes sprung in surprise. What? I’m going to meet all six on them? Oh no..

“Come on quickly. We’re meeting in half an hour.” He said as he pulled you up from the bed.

Sighing, you went to your washroom and took a quick shower and then walked towards your closet and chose your favourite bob’s burgers graphic t-shirt, and paired it with a red plaid shirt and black leggings. You stared at yourself in the mirror and wondered if your choice of clothing was a little too casual. You jumped when you felt Yoongi’s arms wrap around your waist, and heard him take a deep breathe in.

“Mm. You smell nice.” He whispered into your ear.

As you met his gaze in the mirror, you smirked at him and asked,

“Aren’t we in a rush? Don’t you need to go brush your teeth? And don’t you need a change of clothes?”

“I’ll brush my teeth and then we can take the cab to my house so I can change my clothes, and then I’ll drive us to the restaurant that we’re all meeting at.” He quickly said before he headed towards the washroom.

As Yoongi was in the washroom, you went to get your phone from your bag and texted Crystal telling her that you found out that she told Yoongi where you worked, and that you would call her tonight to talk to her. Your best friend quickly replied with a “Okay.. I love you.. forgive me…. :( ” As you putted your phone back into your bag, you heard Yoongi come out of the washroom and he told you that he called the cab and that it has just arrived. Just before leaving, you quickly grabbed your jacket and bag and headed out the door. The ride to Yoongi’s house was filled with him reassuring you that you didn’t need to worry and that his friends are all really nice. Once arriving to his house, he left you in his living room as he ran upstairs and changed into a pair of dark blue ripped denim jeans and paired it with a white t-shirt and a black jacket. His choice of clothing was really simple, but once paired together, he looked like a beautiful masterpiece, like always.

“Someone looks way too good that it should be illegal.” You pouted.

Laughing at your reaction, he walked downstairs to meet you at the living room and gave you a quick peck on your lips before he said,

“Well you look so beautiful that it should be illegal.”

You blushed at his response and awkwardly stood there while looking at the floor. You always felt uncomfortable when it came to compliments. Feeling his hands grip your face, he tilted you head so your eyes met his and he said,

“You’re beautiful Y/N. You may not believe it, but you really are beautiful in my eyes. I don’t want you to be shy about it. I want you to feel loved. I want you to know that in my eyes, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

You were touched by how sweet and caring he was towards you. What did I ever do to deserve someone like him? As a gift of gratitude, you gave him a soft kiss on his lips. Grasping onto your waist, he whispered,

“I really wish that we weren’t in a rush so I could carry you back into my room.”

Laughing, you nudged him before he grabbed your hand and headed towards the front door. Once the two of you arrived at the restaurant, being the gentleman that he is, he pulled the door open for you to go in first.

“Ladies first. Madame” He teased.

“Why thanks you sir.” You giggled as you curtsied for him.

“Min.. Yoon..gi?” You heard a woman’s voice from behind you call for him.

Looking confused, you looked at Yoongi’s face and saw how shocked he looked as he stared at the woman behind you. Turning around, you saw a tall woman who had straight long hair, a lean body, a really pretty small face, and she was staring right pass you to make eye contact with Yoongi. Who the heck is she?

You guys probably don’t remember, but one year ago today, I was attending the Bob’s Burgers Live Show in Milwaukee. 

One year, and I sometimes still can’t even believe this happened. Only in the fandom for about a year at the time, and already I got to meet the cast and creator. In fact, I was the first person to buy tickets for this particular show, so I got to be front row and center stage for the whole thing too. How did I get so lucky? 

And Milwaukee never looked better than it did that night. Everyone in pink bunny ears and Burger t-shirts. Walking through the market in full cosplay, hearing people yell, “Hey, Tina!” High fives and hugs and photos. Those were my people, and I felt a sense of belonging there that I hadn’t felt since college and haven’t felt since. 

Give us a Bob’s Burgers Live 2016 Tour. Let more fans experience what I did that night. Take me back take me back take me back.