burger revolution

My only wish in the world is for people to draw America/Alfred seriously like they do the other nations. People draw Amazing historical/war drawings of the other nations and then draw America eating burgers or only revolution!America. The US has so much history, there is so much to work with!

Not in order- 

- Days before Europen settlers

-The Pilgrims

- The Puritans/Salm Witch trials

- The Lousiana purchase/Lewis and Clark 

- War of 1812- Trying to invade Canada and burning down parliament and in return the Britsh burning down the White House. 

- Mexican-American War

-History of Texas


-American Civil War

- Women right movement/Feminist movement

-Spanish-American War

- The early 1900s- So much happened

- The first flight

- The Great Depression

- The Roaring 20s 

- The clothing and culture of the 50s-90s

- The Space Race

And so much more!

 Just because America’s young compared to the rest of the nations doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an interesting and dark history.