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The Burger King cameras had seven different video files. The officer went into the Burger King, and he erased all seven of those files. The irony is, though, that the Burger King surveillance video was running while the officer erased them. And so there’s a videotape of the officer erasing the video.
—  Craig Futterman as quoted in a HuffPost article about the police killing of Laquan McDonald
Chicago PD deny they erased Burger King’s footage of Laquan McDonald’s murder. Burger King counters by saying they have actual, live surveillance video of five Chicago PD cops entering the building and erasing footage of Laquan McDonald’s murder.

Fucking amazing. This is like an Onion article come to life.

Report: “Chicago PD say they have no idea how Burger King’s video footage of Laquan McDonald’s death mysteriously vanished right after their officers went over there to watch it.”

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