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Analyzing Shigaraki Sumire

 So now that we all know who the Mastermind is, I thought I’d look back at earlier episodes and use it to check why Sumire did what she did in each ep, what it means for her character, and just how evil she truly is.

And if you don’t care about analysis and stuff, there’s a lot of picture with Sumire’s inner thoughts that might be funny to read! Probably more so than the analysis itself :P

So without further ado…

Episode 1 - Uzumaki Boruto: the first episode, and the first Ghost Incident. We don’t see Sumire outside the OP and until the end of the EP, so we don’t know how she chose Denki. If I had to guess, the commotion that Boruto made while saving Denki attracted her attention and she followed them since then.

But we can guess WHY she chose him: as a girl who lives solely to fulfill her father’s wishes no matter the costs, she must frown upon this boy who doesn’t want to do what his own father wants him to do. So once Denki split from Boruto, she tailed him all the way to his home, and waited for a perfect moment to strike.

The next day, she has gone to the Academy, so she would not witness what would happen to Denki. Her first victim, and she does not seem to care to even see what happens to him. Quite cold of her!

“Today my glory days begin! And all these losers will be the sacrifice!“

“But look at this one! Are you really Uchiha Sasuke’s heir? Are you even trying to walk the most honorable path of revenge?“

Interestingly, we also see that Denki was not actually her first victim: he was the fourth. The tattoo on her back gained one spike, while it had three before it.

And here’s the disturbing part: in later episodes we find out that her attacks officially started at the Academy. So Denki and Metal are officially her first victims.

But you know what? Her two parents are dead. And they were crazy.

In translation: it’s possible that they forced their daughter to suck all the life out of them. This might explain why her guilts doesn’t get in way of her mission: an even greater guilt is fueling her.

ep14 Update: thankfully, this proved to be false… for the most part. Her dad probably is one of those spikes. And though he gave up his own life, I do believe that Sumire felt guilt and thus responsibility to see the plan completed

Episode 2 - The Hokage’s Son: one of rare few episodes where no Ghost Incident occurs. However, it’s the episode where our main antagonist is introduced. We see that she has not only befriended Chocho and Sarada, but that she also earned the trust of other students, thus becoming their Class Representative.

We also see her panic attacks. Back then I thought that they are a bit weird, and one was even sudden. I guess that I should have taken that as a hint: she was still getting used to the act. But she did fool everyone, including the audience which immediately labeled her Hinata 2.0.

For whichever reason, she also seems to have developed a liking for Boruto, and seems earnestly glad that he gets along with others. As we have seen in ep13, she does seem to be fond of him.

Says aloud: “Thank goodness, Boruto is getting along with others!“

In herself: “And just when I hoped he would get depressed and I could suck Hokage-sama’s chakra out of him. Well, another time then.”

Or maybe not. Hard to know what she thinks of her cattle.

Episode 3 - Metal Lee Goes Wild: her act continues, to the point that she pretends to suck at shuriken throwing. Seeing as it would be easier for her if she at least pretended to be somewhat competent (just in case she had to defend herself from another threat), one has to wonder if she enjoys this whole act.

Selecting her fifth victim was easy: Metal Lee was practically served to her on a silver platter.

“What is that smell behind me? Oh yes, the sweet, sweet Chakra! I’ll pass on the burgers, Boruto-kun~”

Speaking of which, we saw this same image in the preview one episode ago. Thought she looked menacing then, realized I was wrong and just read too much into it, and now I know I was closer to being right the first time.

Episode 4 - A Ninjutsu Battle of Sexes: yet another episode with no Ghost Incidents… but it was made up by the fact that the Nue finally appeared.

“Come on, give in to your hate! Humiliate one another into depression my dear piggies! I’ll be watching!“

But it was not her who made him appear, but Boruto. And interestingly, we see her losing all the spikes that were on her tattoo. Unintentionally, Boruto might have destroyed all the hard work she did up to this point. She must have been pissed.

“Wha.. .what the… wh… WHERE THE HECK IS MY CHAKRA GOING?!“

I could start guessing on why Boruto is able to do this, and how he is connected to Nue.. .but I won’t. This is about Sumire, not about Boruto and his techniques. What is important is: Boruto can meddle with her Nue, and thus is a potential threat.

And quite frankly, I feel ashamed. Because this episode is what made it clear that something was clearly not right with this girl. I mean, she sees that Chocho almost died, she saw the Nue disappear, and what does she do? Ask Chocho if she is alright? Nope! Wonder what the hell this beast was? Nope! Take the flag from the ground? Yep! Literally a moment after the Nue disappeared, her eyes looked away, and then down at the flag, and she took it. It kind of feels like she wanted to move everyone’s attention to something other than the Nue.

Now, others are no better: they all also forgot about all this fairly quickly and returned to their pointless game. But Sumire was always shown as the most empathetic and kindhearted of the group. If one character was supposed to come running and asking if everyone was OK, it was her. But she didn’t come, and for a reason: someone summoned HER Nue. And this made her anxious, so for a moment she may have forgotten how she was supposed to act.

And just look at her face during all that:

“Okay, what the hell just happened? I did not summon it.”

“Don’t look, they must not think it concerns you. We’ll think about it later.“

“Good heavens, is that the flag?“

“Oh wait, I did not think this through! Just HOW am I going to convince the boys that it’s completely normal and natural to demand them to let me suck their Chakra?“

But then again, it’s not like any of these kids cared much about the tragedy that almost happened. Still, the change of expression from pic1 to pic2 is a bit weird.

Also, while we are on the episode about sexes… did anyone notice that she only sucks up the males?

Okay, this has ended up sounding more perverted than I intended. Sorry. Let’s continue before this gets any more weird.

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  • Mikoshiba: So, you gave into peer pressure. It happens to everybody. Why do you think I wear these shoes?
  • Wakamatsu: Because you don’t care what you look like?
  • Mikoshiba: What? No. Because I… no. Because I saw some other people wearing them and I thought they were cool.

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Mafumafu’s Perfect Lifestyle (09.04.2015)

@uni_mafumafu: とうとう自分で睡眠管理もできないボクの生活力を見かねて、今日はそらるさんとうらたさんがモーニングコールしてくれた。食事は出前、掃除は友達、害虫駆除はluzくん、目覚ましはそらるさんとうらたさん。完璧です。

Mafumafu: Unable to ignore my lifestyle that’s gotten to the point of not being to wake up on my own, today Soraru-san and Urata-san woke me up with morning calls. I have my meals delivered, leave the cleaning to my friends, bug extermination to luz-kun, and Soraru-san and Urata-san are my alarm clocks. It’s perfect.

@uratasama: @uni_mafumafu もう起こさない

Urata: I’m not waking you up anymore

@uni_mafumafu: @uratasama luzくんとモスバーガーなう

Mafumafu: MOS Burger with luz-kun nau

@uratasama: @uni_mafumafu お前ら許さん

Urata: I won’t forgive you guys

‏@luzabs: @uratasama @uni_mafumafu 害虫駆除ならいつでも呼んでうらたん

luz: If you need a bug exterminated, call on me anytime, Uratan

‏@uratasama: @luzabs @uni_mafumafu お前ら俺誘わんから嫌い

Urata: I hate you guys because you didn’t invite me

anonymous asked:

Kagami, Midorima, and Noya Doing the do on the court with their s/o when the rest of the team has left?

Vi and I had a little too much fun writing this lol. Since you didn’t specify gender I used they and what not for Kagami and Midorima since I didn’t want to assume anything, I hope that’s okay! Vi did Noya’s~ Hope you like it!


Admin Glori 

Kagami: Everyone had cleared out of the gym after finishing up their cleaning duties, all save for Kagami. Mopping the floor was no easy task and doing it by himself made the process slower than usual. His stomach growled; making him groan. What he would give for some Maji burgers. “Taiga-kun~,” The familiar voice filled the gym, causing the red headed ace to look up. He grinned happily when he spotted his s/o waltzing right over to him. He gulped, face turning a bright red when he finally noticed what they were wearing. Somehow they had gotten a hold of his jersey and was currently sporting it around. “W-Where did you get that?” He questioned all while trying to keep his eyes on their face.

“You left it at my house after the game, remember?” A sly smirk made its way on their s/o’s face making poor Kagami turn as red as his hair. “You shouldn’t tease me like that you know.” He grumbled before walking over to them. Wrapping his strong arms around their waist he dipped his head down to press his lips hungrily against their neck. A surprised gasp escaped his lover’s mouth, making him smirk. “I’ll make you pay for that.” He licked and nipped at their neck while his hands trailed up the jersey they were wearing.

“How bold, now you’re just asking for it.” They weren’t wearing anything underneath the jersey. In one quick motion Kagami had his lover on the floor; red eyes gazing at them lustfully. “Great, now I’m going to have to clean the floor again because of you.” He quickly pulled his shorts down before rubbing his throbbing length against their inner thigh. “I’ll make you regret this.” He growled before attacking their neck with harsh kisses.

Midorima had stayed behind long after the rest of the Shutoku members left. Takao had stayed for the first half hour to watch Midorima shoot basket after basket from the half court, but even he decided to head home. The blissful silence ended as he heard the gym doors slowly open. Turning his head, he looked over his shoulder to stare at [f/n]. He had completely forgotten about his promise to his s/o about walking them home that evening.

“Are you almost done Shintaro-kun?” [f/n] asked.

“Ten more minutes ___-san.” He replied before shooting yet another basket. His s/o pouted before moving to stand in his line of vision. “Takao-kun tells me you’ll always make the shot no matter what…,” They started off, receiving no response from their boyfriend. “Could you still make a shot if I did this?” Slowly his s/o’s fingers began to unbutton their top making his face turn a bright shade of red before coughing uncomfortably. What the hell were they doing? He made the shot but his s/o smirked, not that his knees were shaking slightly.

“Oh, impressive.” They purred before stepping closer to the now tomato red Midorima. He gulped, pushing his now fogging glasses up the bridge of his nose. His s/o stepped closer till their exposed chest was rubbing against his. “Shintaro-kun, pay attention to me.” Their hands traveled down his chest and to the elastic bands of his basketball shorts. Licking their lips they leaned up to give him a heated kiss. Before they knew it they were on the floor with a blushing Midorima on top of them. “I’m trying to practice nanodayo!” He huffed before shakily pulling their pants off.

Noya twirled the ball around his hands, oblivious to the fact that the other members had already left the court. Training had been rough on the short guy as he was improving his receives for the sake of Asahi, not wanting to repeat the incident that happened last time. He gripped the ball tightly against his hands as yelled, “Ryuu! Spike me the ball!” He turned around with so much eagerness only to come across his s/o’s surprised face. “Waah!” He screamed, falling to his bottoms with the ball rolling away from the two.

His s/o leaned close, almost a couple of centimeters away from each other. “You didn’t notice I was here? Everyone already left, you know?” Her breath could be felt against Nishinoya’s skin, and his eyes were glued to her lips as if in a trance. “Oi, are you listening to me?” Again, he was quiet. She rolled her eyes, close to moving away until she felt a pair of hands roughly grab on to their wrist and pull them down. The libero gripped on to their waist; his lips crashing against theirs, parting her lips and snaking his tongue inside. She let out a small moan, enticing the boy even more.

“Moan louder for me, ___-chan,” He growled, but she refused, shaking her head slightly. Nishinoya shifted positions, towering over them and pinning his arms on both sides of her face. “Then I’ll just make you moan for me,” he whispered, running his fingers under her skirt. His finger poked at the fabric of her underwear, teasing at it as he ran it against her slit. “You like it when I touch you like this, don’t you?” She whimpered softly, rubbing her thighs together and holding his hand in place. His finger tugged her panties to the side and parted her slit apart, moving his body down so that his face was positioned between her legs. “I love this, ___-chan. You’re already wet for me,” he said as his lips were against her sex. “Now, let’s see how loud you can get.”

  • Sakura: Relax, Yuzuki. I’m going to get you through this. Just tell me what you like about Wakamatsu-kun.
  • Yuzuki: Nothing. Everything, I don’t know!
  • Sakura: His hair?
  • Yuzuki: You mean those soft plum bangs you wanna hide under like an umbrella on a rainy day? Not really.
  • Sakura: And his face?
  • Yuzuki: It’s so gross I want to slap it. I wanna slap it. I just wanna slap his hideous, beautiful face!
  • Sakura: You mean “kiss?”
  • Yuzuki: No, I mean “slap.”
  • Sakura: Woah. You got it bad, girl.
  • Seo: [From across the room] Psst!
  • Wakamatsu: [Looks over]
  • Seo: Your ass is grass, and I’m gonna mow it.
  • Wakamatsu: Leave. Me. Alone!
  • Nozaki: We’ve got to find a way to cut down on expenses. What can we live without?
  • Hori: Probably Kashima.
  • Mikoshiba: [Typing up a text] "See you soon, baboon."
  • Mikoshiba: Wait, spice it up.
  • Mikoshiba: [Types] "See you soon, bitch."
  • Mikoshiba: Too spicy, too spicy. Oh, God, I sent it.
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