burger kun

  • Mikoshiba: So, you gave into peer pressure. It happens to everybody. Why do you think I wear these shoes?
  • Wakamatsu: Because you don’t care what you look like?
  • Mikoshiba: What? No. Because I… no. Because I saw some other people wearing them and I thought they were cool.

I went on a MASSIVE unfollowing spree and now my dash is dead as a door nail. If y’all post this stuff REBLOG and I will follow you!!

  • haikyuu!!
  • homestuck
  • legend of korra
  • GSNK
  • dragon age
  • disney
  • bob’s burgers
  • parks n rec
  • free!
  • pokemon
  • steven’s universe
  • art
  • gravity falls
  • Doctor Who
  • Kill la Kill
  • Attack On Titan
  • Supernatural
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Yuru Yuri
  • PMMM
  • Dylan O Brien (babe tho)
  • Fairy Tail
  • Adventure Time
  • Marvel
  • anime in general really
Mafumafu’s Perfect Lifestyle (09.04.2015)

@uni_mafumafu: とうとう自分で睡眠管理もできないボクの生活力を見かねて、今日はそらるさんとうらたさんがモーニングコールしてくれた。食事は出前、掃除は友達、害虫駆除はluzくん、目覚ましはそらるさんとうらたさん。完璧です。

Mafumafu: Unable to ignore my lifestyle that’s gotten to the point of not being to wake up on my own, today Soraru-san and Urata-san woke me up with morning calls. I have my meals delivered, leave the cleaning to my friends, bug extermination to luz-kun, and Soraru-san and Urata-san are my alarm clocks. It’s perfect.

@uratasama: @uni_mafumafu もう起こさない

Urata: I’m not waking you up anymore

@uni_mafumafu: @uratasama luzくんとモスバーガーなう

Mafumafu: MOS Burger with luz-kun nau

@uratasama: @uni_mafumafu お前ら許さん

Urata: I won’t forgive you guys

‏@luzabs: @uratasama @uni_mafumafu 害虫駆除ならいつでも呼んでうらたん

luz: If you need a bug exterminated, call on me anytime, Uratan

‏@uratasama: @luzabs @uni_mafumafu お前ら俺誘わんから嫌い

Urata: I hate you guys because you didn’t invite me

  • Sakura: Relax, Yuzuki. I’m going to get you through this. Just tell me what you like about Wakamatsu-kun.
  • Yuzuki: Nothing. Everything, I don’t know!
  • Sakura: His hair?
  • Yuzuki: You mean those soft plum bangs you wanna hide under like an umbrella on a rainy day? Not really.
  • Sakura: And his face?
  • Yuzuki: It’s so gross I want to slap it. I wanna slap it. I just wanna slap his hideous, beautiful face!
  • Sakura: You mean “kiss?”
  • Yuzuki: No, I mean “slap.”
  • Sakura: Woah. You got it bad, girl.
  • Seo: [From across the room] Psst!
  • Wakamatsu: [Looks over]
  • Seo: Your ass is grass, and I’m gonna mow it.
  • Wakamatsu: Leave. Me. Alone!
  • Nozaki: We’ve got to find a way to cut down on expenses. What can we live without?
  • Hori: Probably Kashima.
  • Mikoshiba: [Typing up a text] "See you soon, baboon."
  • Mikoshiba: Wait, spice it up.
  • Mikoshiba: [Types] "See you soon, bitch."
  • Mikoshiba: Too spicy, too spicy. Oh, God, I sent it.
Okay Tumblr, it's 2015

I’m looking to get more people on my dash (once more). And here a few things I’d like to see more of: 

  • Anime (of the not Naruto variety) 
  • Welcome to Night Vale <<<— This. 
  • Funny Stuff
  • Disney
  • Sailor Moon
  • Some Supernatural is okay
  • Bob’s Burgers (And things of the same stuff) 
  • Some Classic Who is cool
  • Torchwood (Or JB) 
  • Cosplay, all the cosplay
  • Geeky Stuff/ Cool Tech 
  • Really anything that resembles ^^^ That stuff 

It’s 2015 and I need to follow more blogs by far. Thanks.