burger kim

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

  • Somi: Hey, hey, don't get 'short' with Yoojung.
  • Doyeon: I hope you don't think too 'little' of her.
  • Sohye: Yeah! And, uh.....
  • Sohye: She's short!
  • Yoojung: ...
  • Nayoung: Girls, maybe you lay off a tiny bit?
  • Somi: Haha, 'tiny'. Nayoung is in on it now.
Cartoons the signs might like

ARIES: Bob’s Burgers
TAURUS: Peanuts
GEMINI: Adventure Time
CANCER: Gravity Falls
LEO: The Land Before Time
VIRGO: Steven Universe
LIBRA: Kim Possible
SCORPIO: Spongebob
SAGITTARIUS: Fairly Odd Parents
CAPRICORN: Lilo & Stitch
AQUARIUS: Over The Garden Wall
PISCES: Bee And Puppycat