burger is a lie

  • Veronica: I'm sorry, Archie but your burger allergy is a lie.
  • Betty: We made it up so you'd eat healthy.
  • Jughead: I thought we made it up so we could have more burgers!
  • Archie: No, no, no this can't be true. I'm just allergic to a lot of things like, bacon, Halloween candy and not saying thank you.
  • Lucifer: listen detective you deserve someone worthy of you
  • Lucifer: someone who pays attention to you
  • Lucifer: and knows all these little things about you (here is a list)
  • Lucifer: someone who buys you a burger and fries
  • Lucifer: and tolerates your child
  • Lucifer: and doesn't lie to you
  • Lucifer: and turns down other people for sex even though you're not even together
  • Lucifer: and makes a deal with dad to save your life
  • Lucifer: and is completely oblivious to being in love with you even though literally everyone else knows
  • Lucifer:
  • Lucifer: I mean I don't know anyone like that but I'm sure they're out there
Secrets | 7

Summary: Peter Parker is your kind, loving boyfriend of 2 years, who also just happens to be the web slinger, Spider-Man. And even though you support what he’s doing, you can’t seem to escape the thought that Peter is getting lost in this new superhero world.

Word Count: 961

Warnings: Language

A/N: (Written in reader’s POV; italics indicate inner monologue/thoughts.) Apologies in advance for all the feels you may endure during this part :// only 3 chapters left!! [tags are now closed for this fic]

Secrets | 6

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“Guys I’m hungry!” You yelled at Dean and Sam who was in the kitchen.

“Then get yourself food,” Dean said.

“My budget is 5 dollars, what are your recommendations?” You asked.

“You can’t get anything nice for 5 dollars,” Sam said.

“That’s a lie,” Dean argued. “You can get burgers, pizzas, pie.” Dean listed.

“So those are your recommendation?” You asked.

“I have more.” Dean smiled.

“You wanna take me somewhere to get food?” You asked. Dean looked at you and you gave a small smiled before he rolled his eyes and grabbed the keys to the car and took your hand.

“Come on.” He smiled.

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Avenging Angel: Part 20

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1510

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18 – Part 19

You signed your fake name with a flourish and slid the key off the grimy counter.

“Your unit is just down that way. The truck should be able to back up so you can unload your stuff.” The teenage boy behind the counter pointed past the first few rows of storage units boredly. As soon as you started walking away, he sat back, kicked his feet up on the counter, and pulled out his phone.

Maybe it was all of the research that you’d been sifting through for the past few weeks that made you paranoid, but you felt eyes on you each time you went into your father’s unit. So rather than powering through and trying to convince yourself that you were safe, you decided to get your own storage unit. You packed the boxes full of notebooks and loose pages and your father’s science paraphernalia, and headed a few towns over.

The new storage unit was larger than your father’s had been. As you unloaded the boxes, you mentally started organizing the space. Once you returned the U-Haul truck, you headed to the store. A cot, a sleeping bag, and mini-fridge later and you were set to camp out in the unit. It was probably safer if you weren’t seen coming and going all the time.

As soon as you were locked in, it was like you could breathe normally again. This space felt much safer.

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peonycampaign  asked:

omg girl! you look so fit! could you do a like what you eat in a day or week post? Your eating habits sound awesome!

Definitely not super fit- but thank you!

I will definitely consider making a more thorough blog post on what I eat, but I try to eat a mostly vegan/plant based diet (I would say I eat vegan 90% of the time- but I definitely had In-and-Out burger last night, not gonna lie). I do not count calories or skip meals or anything like that. My rule of thumb is ‘eat when you’re hungry. Stop eating when you’re full’. I typically eat three meals a day and snack if I get hungry in between. I definitely plan on transitioning 100% to a vegan diet at some point in my life, but it is taking some time and I am not in a huge rush. For me, eating a mostly vegan diet has pretty much nothing to do with the ethical purposes (which I think are totally awesome, don’t get me wrong!). I have been VERY lactose intolerant my entire life. My body does not handle dairy well whatsoever. When I choose vegan meals/food, I know that whatever I am eating does not contain dairy. When I eat dairy, I get really, really sick, and it’s usually just not even worth it because I lay in bed, not feeling like “me”. I also think the vegan diet does a lot to prevent diseases along with so many other benefits for your body (a lot of documentaries like Forks over Knives explain the benefits of a Plant Based diet better than I ever could). I have never been a huge, huge meat eater, but for me, my focus has been cutting dairy out of my diet and finding other alternatives. It was definitely hard to work around in Mississippi, so it’s really nice being back in California where there are tons of dairy free options.

Here are some of the things I eat/etc.

  1. For breakfast- I usually eat a protein bar (I love NuGo dark, Lara bars, and kind bars). I also love Cereal, and lately I have been obsessed with the One Degree ‘Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps’ cereal lately. I eat it with almond milk, and I swear it’s addicting. I am also a sucker for avocado toast, which is so basic, I know. 
  2. For lunch/dinner- I love Acai bowls and Chipotle. I learned how to make Acai bowls this past school year, and I really love them. I have had an addiction to Chipotle for at least two years; it’s bad (it’s especially bad when the employees know your exact order). I almost always get three soft tacos (corn, but I like flour too) with black beans, lettuce, corn, and guac. I also like all of the Amy’s microwavable meals (just showed the mac and cheese on my snap today- I really like it). Amy’s makes great allergy-free meals, but I especially love the enchilada dishes and the mac and cheese. I have also been trying to cook lately, but it’s not going well. I tried to make a quesadilla yesterday, and it was embarrassing haha. However, I have been obsessed with making dairy-free grilled cheeses lately with my panini maker (I use bread, vegan butter, and dairy-free pepper jack cheese. I also will sometimes add spicy mustard)! I try to eat fruit on the side of every meal too. I also love Pasta! For dessert, I am obsessed with the So Delicious ice cream bars. They are dairy-free and amazing!! I also love dairy-free chocolate bars and the Sprinkles vegan red velvet cupcake. 

I definitely don’t think you need to eat healthy 100% of the time. I focus on eating healthy the majority of the time (because it makes my body feel its best), but I have a few ‘cheat’ meals every week (that have dairy). I also drink a ton of water!! I lost 15 pounds this past school year, and I think a huge part of that was not drinking alcohol (I am 22). I only drink on very, very rare occasions, and I think cutting out sugary, alcoholic drinks can make a huge difference. Giving up alcohol for several months made a huge difference in my productivity, skin, and overall health. I LOVE teas though. I definitely don’t drink tea every day, but I am a sucker for the Starbucks unsweetened iced green tea. I make hot tea a few times a week, and Tazo is my fave. I also love Kombucha, but I haven’t been able to drink it these past two weeks. It’s definitely one of those things you either love or hate- but it has great benefits. But in general, I think water really is the best liquid you can put in your body! Staying hydrated is SO important along with getting enough sleep every night.

I am definitely no health expert by any means whatsoever, but those are some things I personally do!

deancasholdhands  asked:

Heyyy as for the prompts, I know this is kinda vague but I'd love to read something that's kinda "the one who got away", likr, dean and cas used to be together and happy but aren't anymore (for various heartbreaking reasons) and now it's been years and they're both miserable but then (entirely unexpectedly) meet again and there's a lot of feelings and pain and angst but in the end they get their happily ever after. Please? Thank you so much!❤☀️

A/N: My dear, I’m so sorry this has taken so long but life has been in the way but this has spiralled into an almost 10,000 word fic, so If you’d prefer to read it on AO3 it is here. I hope you like it!

Warnings: Social Anxiety, Arguing, Consideration of Infideilty. Past Lisa/Dean. Dean still sees Ben.

*** mean’s a time jump in the same day.
a line mean’s a time jump across days.

Three Years  

Dean Winchester did not believe in fate, especially when it entailed a less than pleasurable experience. For instance, his car breaking down; which also happened to be his pride and joy.

Dean had only popped into the diner for a moment - leaving his Chevy Impala parked on the street - to pick up his order to go. When he returned he placed the key in the ignition and the car appeared to give a solemn wheeze before falling silent.

“Oh, c'mon!” Dean groaned as he slammed his palm against the steering wheel; he instantly regretted it. “Sorry, baby” he murmured as he ran his fingers gently across the area he had struck; she was getting up there in years and needed a tune every now and again, but she was still loyal.

Dean got out of the car and went to prop the hood open. It was not the need for a repair which irked Dean as he was a mechanic, but rather that his pizza was growing colder by the second.

After fiddling around for a few moments Dean straightened from his hunkered over position and wiped the back of his hand across his brow.

In that minute moment of chance Dean saw someone he knew a long time ago enter the restaurant. Dean’s breath caught and his eyes widened as he stood rigid in a state of shock.

He thought that he would never see Castiel again.

Castiel Novak was the love of his life.

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hi, i’m Bri, 15, bisexual, and looking for a long time pen pal :)
my biggest interests are music, netflix, youtube, reading, and some other things.
some of my favorite bands (at the moment) (they will change) are Bring Me The Horizon, The Neighbourhood, Mac Demarco, Nirvana, and a lot of others. my favorite shows are Riverdale, How I Met Your Mother, Bobs Burgers, Lie Unexpected, American Dad, and a shit ton of others.
– these obviously aren’t the only things that i like, but i feel like interests are the best way to start a friendship so if you are the same with any of those, be sure to contact me !
– the best way to c o n t a c t me is through my tumblr, @xbmthxbrix but if we hit it off i will give my instagram and my snapchat.
– i do not care what gender, sexuality, or race you are, but i would prefer you to be the age from 13-19 (a little under or over is okay)
❤️❤️ thanks (sorry i tried to make this short and sweet)

Kagami; Love’s Downpour 

Kagami x Reader fluff ♥
Word count: 1126

Annnd yet again I get a bit carried away ╮(─▽─)╭
So hard to keep fluff short haha  ಥ_ಥ
I hope yall enjoy this one as well! ♥ 

♥Admin Arimura

You had only wanted to linger around his warm presence just a little longer, so how did it turn out like this?

You had scurried down the hall way to the front of Kagami’s home room as soon as you were allowed out, muttering pleads to what ever fortune you had that day to step up and keep Kagami from whizzing towards the gym before you even reach the end of the hall way. Luckily for you, today was his turn to clean up home room so you managed to catch him.

Knock knock
“Taiga, wanna go to Maji Burger together today? I’m craving fries.” A total lie. Lie or not, you just wanted the chance to spend any amount of time with him.
His face had brightened immediately at the sight of you. 
“Yeah! Let’s go! Wait for me by the lockers, I’ll get this done real quick!” 

On your way down to the lockers you noticed many of your fellow school mates had brought out un-opened umbrellas.
Oh no, is it meant to rain today? I should of checked the forecast arg!..Wait… If we get to Maji Burger in time before it starts raining… we can spend even more time together while waiting for the rain to let up! GENIUS ___!
You were so deep in plot-concentration that you had not even noticed the devilish grin you had let out until you were awoken to a familiar and questioning voice.
“Uh… what are you smiling at ____?” He breathes out a low chuckle as you become flustered at letting him see such a silly view. 
“Nothing, nothing! Let’s go before it starts to- I mean I-I’m so hungry! Lets hurry!” He cocks an eyebrow up at the sudden small stutter, but had no chance to press on as you had already hooked your arm around his and started heading out, dragging him along with.

Did your luck run out after being able to catch Kagami? You were only half way to Maji Burger before it started pouring. With little to no shelter around on the small streets, the two of you huddle together under the veranda of the nearest house.
*Crackle…. crackle….. THUMMMMH* 
The sudden roar from up above was so fierce, you swore even the ground shook. Noticing you stiffen up, Kagami reached out and locked his hand with yours before giving you a slight tug- as if to say ‘Rely on me’. 
“You know, I live only a few streets down… It’s really close by and I think we should dry off soon before we catch a cold- p-plus there’s no where else we can go in this weather.” You felt his increase in temperature through his palm and thought to ease him off his nervousness so you gave him a swift nod before looking down shyly. 

By the time the two of you reached Kagami’s apartment complex, the thunder had reached a steady pulse- every few seconds. 
I can’t believe the one day I don’t check the forecast and It’s a bloody thunderstorm! You cursed at yourself inwardly for being so tardy- not that you minded the sudden chance of not just spending time with your sweetheart, but at his house where he lives alone. The realisation had came late as you stood awkwardly in the door way, fidgeting with the ends of your damp hair and tugging at your school blouse to keep it from sticking to your skin.

“A-Ah I, um… You should probably take those off- I MEAN TAKE A SHOWER OF COURSE! I HAVE SPARE CLOTHES” His face sizzled at his wrong choice of words before rushing you into the living room to wait as he prepared the bath.

After the bath, you picked up what seemed to be Kagami’s sweat pants and a white T-shirt with a pop-styled basketball print on the front.
These are HUGE! I can’t wear these pants at all! They just slip right down! 
There was really no point in wearing the pants at all, so you opted for the insanely large T-shirt that reached just above your knee. 

“Thanks for letting me use your bath Kagami, and the clothes too but the pants-”
“GAH! WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING PANTS?!” He cut you off, screaming at you with one hand covering his eyes and another in between you and him, begging you to turn away.

“Baka, I can’t wear your pants! They just slip right down!” 

“B-But, this is too much!” 

“I’m completely covered! What are you on about?!” Getting a little irritated and impatient, you made your way over to his side regardless of his loud shrieks and yaps at you to go away. You sat down on the sofa next to him and had started to lean in on his arm before pulling away instantly. You had just taken in your current situation properly.

“W-what’s wrong?”
“Hey… I think I’m going to have to stay over tonight… I don’t think the storm will let up any time soon”
You could feel him tense up straight away at the words ‘stay’ and ‘tonight’. You
thought that he may have needed a bit more convincing before allowing you to stay, but before you could whip up some A-grade excuses- 

“You can have my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch.” Huh? Your brain just could not process the fact that he actually agreed to having you stay over and without thinking clearly you had muttered out accidentally-
“But I want to sleep together.”

Seconds pass as the silence molds over. You, too afraid to look at him, not wanting him to see the red spread across your cheeks at the accidental- very hinting comment and him, too flustered to do anything but remember to breathe.

“I-I just meant I wanted to cuddle cause you know… It’s cold…” You kept your gaze downwards at your hands, balled into a shaky fist. 
A few more seconds pass and you start to regret saying anything at all. Doubt washes over you and proceeds to drown you. Should I just go home? 
You twiddled your fingers, playing with your nails, the ends of the T-shirt you wore- anything to keep you distracted.

Noticing how nervous you became, Kagami let out a small sigh before taking a deep breathe. 
“I’ll get the bed ready after I clean up. What do you want for dinner?” His face still coloured with a violent red that matched yours cheeks very well. You reached out for his hand before letting out an airy “Thanks… anything is fine.”
Shoulders dropping, breathings slowing down to an even pace, he leans in to plant a kiss on your forehead before flashing you a toothy grin.
“Wait for me, we’ve got the whole night to catch up.”