burger grill


dinner is served! huge plate full of delights: lettuce, broccoli, grilled zucchini, quinoa&veggies soy burger, white rice, flax seeds, all seasoned with evo oil, fresh parsley, pepper and chili pepper. AWESOME!

i grilled a burger for dinner earlier but i made the patty too thin and it broke in half when i flipped it and one half fell down the grate. I ate half a burger for dinnder

I was at my local diner and I ordered the same burger that Tr*mp had when he dined there and

that burger in question is

•A burger patty
•A ball of fried mac and cheese
•between two grilled cheese sandwiches

first of all, I hate myself and I’m dying. second, im pissed that i wasn’t there to witness him trying to eat this burger with his tiny ass hands okay i got part of it up my NOSE trying to eat it and when he ordered it apparently someone screamed at him ENJOY YOUR BURGER RACIST which is the best thing that could happen while the president of poppycock is trying to eat this burger with his tiny fucking hands

oh yeah and he asked them to rename the burger after him which they did

in case you didn’t know that tr*mp ordered a disgusting mess of a burger at this diner near where i live and had it named after himself and had someone scream at him for being a racist while somehow eating this creation with his tiny baby hands

now you know.