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From a comrade:

You know, I’m pretty much 1000% OK with anyone in Houston jacking a flat screen.

I mean, you’re gonna have multinationals rip rare Earth metals out of Africa at gun point and ship ‘em to China to be assembled into a TV in some factory where they got nets on the roof to stop 'em from jumping off. You’re gonna put it on a boat crewed by a bunch of Filipinos who are gonna find out when they get to port that the boat owner defaulted and isn’t paying 'em, and if they complain they’ll get blacklisted. Slap that shipping container onto a truck where the trucker is in debt and working at almost no profit margin, from an owner-operator scheme, and can’t even unionize because he’s “not a worker”. Slap the TV into some big box store where an 80 year old woman whose benefits got cut is working the register because her son can’t support her any more because his factory job got “outsourced” to prison labor and now he works at a burger joint while pundits shout that if burger flippers wanted better wages they should have learned to work in manufacturing. Now, have a hurricane run through town and flood the place, after fossil fuel companies spent decades paying politicians to ignore the warnings while they rip up the mountains and the prairies, poison the water and the air, and hot-box the whole planet, so we’ve got “100 year” and “500 year” storms happening every couple years.

THEN, you take some guy whose farm went belly up because US government-subsidized corn flooded into Mexico, and whose hometown got overrun by cartel fueled by US drug money, so he ran across a border to make a living in Texas, and he and his family decided not to run from the storm because ICE is deporting every undocumented worker they catch back to God knows what future.

- and THAT motherfucker decides, once the whole city is flooded and everything is hell, “Fuck it, at least I can watch Game of Thrones in HD next season!”.

THAT’S where you draw the line?

No but real talk

Shout out to every high school dropout who became nothing more than a “burger flipper”

Shout out to the barista’s with a useless art degree.

Shout out to the strippers who never even made it to college

Shout out to every “shelf stocker” 

You are all valid. You are all important. You are the hardest working people out there.

You are worth more than your job.

You know what’s a major pet peeve for me when it comes to arguments against raising the minimum wage? All the references to food service workers as “burger flippers”. Burger flippers are not a thing. You’re never going to see a restaurant post a sign that says “help wanted: hiring burger flippers.” “Burger flipper” is a term used pretty much exclusively to condescend to food service workers and downplay the real work and stress that goes into food service. It makes out like minimum wage workers are lazy people who are literally just standing at a grill, occasionally moving a spatula, all day, mindlessly, and that is their one and only responsibility, which anyone who has ever worked in food service can tell you is not what that job entails. It’s rhetoric used solely to designate them inferior. It doesn’t reflect the reality of minimum wage food service work. It’s annoying.

CS ff: “Play the Game”

Summary: Storybrooke starts up a soccer club. Emma enjoys watching.

Rating: E #sorrynotsorry

A/N: I have just been looking for an excuse to write some post-darkness defeated PWP. These two deserve some peace, some quiet, and some quality banging. And I guess that means all of you deserve it, too. Set in the mythical future times when there is peace in Storybrooke. With thanks to @captainstudmuffin​ for encouraging this and giving it a quick read before I posted.

There’s no one more excited about a game that doesn’t use hands as much as Captain Hook, that much is easy for Emma to discern as she sits on the rickety bleachers outside the Storybrooke High School fields. She doesn’t remember who proposed the idea of a soccer club, although they’ve adopted the English term of ‘football’ as if it makes a huge difference in small-town America.

What she does know is that Killian is having the time of his life, running the field like he’s been doing it his whole life, like he didn’t spend centuries as a pirate sailing the seas. He’s just as at home in cleats on the field as he is in leather on his ship.

She only has a vague understanding of the rules; they’re all bits and pieces she’s picked up since they’ve started playing. A life on the move and on the run doesn’t afford much knowledge on organized sports, but here she is, looking up terminology on her phone as David and Killian run agility drills on the field.

For sure, her husband looks good in nylon shorts, in cleats and shin guards, in the t-shirt he uses for practices. He looks even better when they’ve been running those drills too long and he tosses his hair out of his eyes with an easy swing of his head. He catches her eye on the sidelines, biting his lip as she clearly looks him over head to toe.

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i’m seeing a lot of women upset at the new Jay-Z album, because he admitted the infidelities that Beyonce spoke of on the Lemonade album. some are saying she should have left him, some are hating on him. your 2 cents can’t touch their 2 billion. you an say what you want all over social media, but in the end it’s up to them to work on their relationship. it seems like they have because both of them addressed this issue in a public way. i bet they come up with another colaborative album and show how much they have grown from the past. i haven’t heard the album, but i do know that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

if you have seen my posts this week, one said that ‘pillow talk should be between and husband and wife’ and another said 'there is no such thing as a long term relationship that doesn’t involve a lot of forgiveness’ this doesn’t mean that you forgive such things as cheating, but if the relationship is worth it to you, it is up to you to search yourself and work it out with your partner. forgiveness means that if he didn’t take the thrash can to the street on wedesday, you don’t keep poking it at him until next wednesday. if one of you was cooking dinner, and it burned, you don’t keep bringing it up.

a lot of people speaking on the situation are probably going through the same or more. just because the Carter’s are billionaires with 3 kids, doesn’t mean that they are immune to relationship issues. they have several successful albums and have issues. some people are successful burger flippers and have issues. rich people get divorced just like middle to low income people. people of all standards of life have successful or failed relationships.

relationships take two people to make it work or fail. either you’re 100% in, or 100% out.

What I’d tell any kid in high school is “Take business classes.” I don’t care what else you’re gonna do, if you’re gonna do art or anything, take business classes. You can say, “Well, I don’t want to get commercial,” but if you do anything to make any money, you’re doing something commercial. You can be flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, but you’re a commercial burger flipper.
—  Axl Rose interview for Rolling Stones magazine by Del James. August 10, 1989
You Need A Maid? Prologue

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Swearing
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.
Songs: I’m In Love With My Life - PHASES

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Six months ago the Avengers had finally decided enough was enough. “The bots did it *again* Tony.” Steve held up the shredded leftovers of what was once his boxers. “Maybe they’re encouraging you to go commando.” Tony hid a sly smile behind his coffee mug, eyeing the smirk he had earned from Natasha.

“Steve has a point, Tony. They’ve destroyed more things than they’ve cleaned since you made them,” Sam piped in, eager to make this the final conversation about the damn mechanical disasters. “I think it’s time to replace them.” Rolling his eyes and huffing into his coffee, Tony offered no response.

Making his way to Tony in all of three steps, Bucky grabbed the mug crushing it in his metal grip, lukewarm coffee spilling over both of them. “If you don’t get rid of the bots, I will.” Throwing up his arms in mock surrender Tony asked, “How do you want me to fix it?” The others shrugged, leaving his workroom. “Figure it out, Stark.”

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my work history is hilarious tbh. an incomplete list: ticket scalper, bread factory production line worker, easter bunny, child con artist, under-the-table country club gofer, high-end dress salesperson (fired), garbage can painter, teacher, psychiatric facility staff, nude figure drawing model, imax theatre operator, burger flipper, research assistant, coat check girl, admin, gift card scratcher (temp), copywriter, seasonal start-up flunky

de Blasio Perfect Picture of What’s Wrong With Liberalism

Miosotis Familia, a 12 year veteran of the NYPD, was shot and killed in an unprovoked attack the other day. She was a mother of three children, working hard to support her family and keep New Yorkers safe. And what does the pure definition of liberalism, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, do? He rushes off to Germany so he can be a keynote speaker at a protest of capitalism, a protest of police, and a protest for socialism.

524 new recruits for the New York Police Department were to be sworn in as official police officers, an event that is usually…and universally…attended by the New York mayor to personally congratulate them and assure them that he has their back. And what does the pure definition of liberalism, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, do? He rushes off to Germany so he can be a keynote speaker at a protest of capitalism, a protest of police, and a protest for socialism.

If New Yorkers re-elect this person, what a stain they will put on that once, great city. Yes, ‘once’. New York has been the capitol of capitalism for well over a hundred years, if not longer. It is the hub of all things financial in this country. It displays the Statue of Liberty, heralds Ellis Island as the landing point of those huddled masses yearning to be free, and is such an iconic symbol of American power, prestige and prosperity, it is the main target of terrorists. New York is the apple of America’s eye, and is held up as the shining star of our independence and strong, national heritage.

Yet, New Yorkers continue to elect cretins like de Blasio, who would rather see their police department reduced to disrespect….at the very least…and outright targets of scum criminal elements…at the very worst. He even tells his own son to be wary of police, and this goes out to the public, which in turn harms their ability to be an effective deterrent to crime. de Blasio is the poster boy for liberals, who are fighting tooth and nail to see our country ripped to shreds, our Constitution obliterated, and a multiculturalism so vile to the original conception of America by the founding fathers that they aren’t just turning in their graves, they are spinning like a class 5 tornado.

The ‘America First’ slogan of Trump is a poison worse than hemlock to liberals, for they want borderless countries…entitlements for everyone to everything from permanent high paying jobs to free toilet paper (of the softest and most luxurious kind)…free college tuition…fifteen to twenty dollars an hour for burger flippers…and acceptance as normal of every kind of mental disorder that exists. They want to teach Islam in schools, and denounce Christianity as a hate cult. They want to be tolerant of everything they believe in, but violently intolerant of everything they don’t believe in. The liberal elites talk about equality for all, while spanning the globe in their private jets and living in multi-million dollar mansions with walls and armed guards, that none of the lower lemmings will ever see. No, the Obama types and O’Donnell types, and Clinton types don’t want to fall into your equality. They have a different idea of equality for the rest of us. Yet, the average liberal doesn’t get it. They don’t see it. What’s worse, they can’t see it.

And neither does de Blasio, one of the elite leaders of all that is wrong with this country. And if you don’t like what I have written, I could not care less.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Illustrator, @biancaxunise

“It is better to keep your head down and keep mastering your craft than to compare yourself to other’s success.”

Impactful words spoken by the strong and talented Chicago-based illustrator, Bianca Xunise. In a world fueled by “likes” and “followers,” it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. But when you’ve got a humble head on your shoulders, and a heart hungry for growth like Bianca, there’s no reason to dig yourself into a hole of self-doubt. Our admiration for the young aritst first sprung after becoming entirely consumed with her comics on Hello Giggles. Over the years, that admiration has greatly surpassed into obsession as we watched her grow, and her illustrations mature with relatable female-centered themes. Recently, we caught up with Bianca to chat more about her struggles of growing in an “instant gratification” industry, and honing her craft in the form of secret comics. 

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Minimum wage jobs are **HARD**

The hardest work I’ve ever done has been for the least amount of money.  Luckily it was only for short periods of time, but I can’t imagine facing that kind of work for pennies for the rest of my life and then having to ask the government to help me make ends meet while my body hurts and my spirit is damn near broken at working 40 hours and not being able to support a family.

I’ve only had two truly difficult jobs in my entire life.  The first was before my freshman year of college when I needed a summer job and my parents bet me that I couldn’t handle manual labor.

(Looking back, this was the period where we were supposedly trying to rebuild our relationship after my coming out in junior high went so badly and here they go basically telling me I was too much of a sissy to do blue collar work.  Shady shady old Black people…)

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isopropyldreams  asked:

and can moira be the city health inspector?

YES this is how i see it, random other characters version:

moira - city health inspector, who comes through the drive-thru every morning for a coffee on her way to work (it’s tastier than the break room coffee and cheaper than starbucks; sue her). erik grudgingly appreciates her efficiency when it comes to inspections so whenever he sees her car pull up he automatically punches in her order (she orders her coffee the same way every day) and just tells her the total and to drive forward. the first couple times she came in for an official inspection, charles spent the entire time trying to ‘charm’ her, which of course did not impress moira in the slightest. she does like charles, though, because for all his terrible flirting skills he certainly runs a tight ship and everything is always up to code.

shaw - sleazy greaseball from corporate. is a certified asshole (erik’s words) and a bit of a wanker (charles’ words). it’s always very stressful when he comes round for corporate inspections because he’s the type of person who will dock them points if all the ketchup packets aren’t perfectly aligned or if the straws aren’t perfectly horizontal. has a weird, creepy crush on erik but one time erik shut him down so hard charles nearly called the fire department for that burn. since then he’s switched tactics and hits on charles to get a rise out of erik instead. much to charles’ chagrin, it usually works.

emma - heiress whose family owns the entire corporation. would not ever be caught dead eating the food from the place, but happens to be charles’ childhood friend so often drops in for a visit - particularly on thursday nights, which is when charles stays late to do the books. emma shows up with a bottle of wine and they use the kiddie cups that go with the kid’s meal to drink it. sometimes erik is invited to these little get-togethers, and usually that’s when all three of them somehow get the most drunk. rumor has it there was once dancing on table tops but no one has ever been able to confirm.

azazel - an old friend and apartment roommate of erik’s, but is generally known as the asshole from across the street who runs the weird bistro-fusion-something-or-another place and looks down on their little fast food establishment. sometimes comes to the after-hours upper-level management get-togethers and brings vodka.

janos - azazel’s boyfriend and waiter at the bistro place.

angel - quits the burger place to work as a hostess at the bistro place.

hank - daytime burger-flipper. uses actual chemistry to make sure the grill is greased just right and the burgers saturate enough of it for a perfect taste. is a little bit older than the rest of the kids and attends college courses at night. will loudly talk shop with charles for hours.

logan - nighttime burger-flipper. is probably a felon of some kind but is generally patient with the kids and never complains about working the graveyard shift. is not impressed by erik lehnsherr.

scott - IT guy from corporate. constantly annoyed by how the computer systems seem to always be malfunctioning and is constantly annoyed to have to make the drive down to town to take a look at them. swears his brother has something to do with it.

alex - actually has nothing to do with it.

Most of the time, when customers ask stupid questions, I don’t get mad.  They probably have a) never worked a food service industry job in their life or b) have never been to our establishment before so they’re unfamiliar with our options and stuff

so they questions are asked out of sheer ignorance and not malice

but once in a blue moon 

you get a customer who you know 

with every fiber of your being

that they asked their stupid ass god forsaken question 

simply for no other reason than to be as much of a hindrance as possible

big affective labor theorypost

i use the phrase “the alienation of affective labor” a lot. let me explain.

  • “alienation” here means “being taken away from, separated from”. this is a sort of exotic meaning of “alienation” and i’m almost sorry to be glued to it. just bear it in mind though.
  • “affective” means “to do with affect”. it implies “friendly” and that’s probably a good thing, that’s what a lot of it is about.
  • labor alienation is when your time and energy - your work - are extracted from you. the traditional marxist analysis tends to view labor (the time/energy investment of time/energy limited human beings) as the limiting factor in creating value. a good example, for which i’m obligated to rashid johnson: if you make burgers at mcdonalds, you might take home $8 an hour but produce $60 an hour worth of profit in burgers; the other $52 belongs to the company, not to you. this is normal in our society and if you don’t participate in it in general you starve.
  • affective labor is the investment of time and energy in an affect - how people see you, how people feel like they’re being seen by you. affective labor produces value as well. let’s go back to mcdonalds: the burger flipper is a “traditional” worker. her work directly produces a saleable product. if labor is divided between the kitchen and the counter, her job is making burgers (and obeying management) and not primarily anything else. the cashier is a “service” worker. selling $60 an hour would be a challenge for someone who just cooks burgers and does nothing else; someone has to make customers feel like little lords, has to be a soundboard for questions or requests. let’s say you’re a cashier instead of a cook, and let’s say - this is harder to say directly, but it’s certainly how companies like mcdonalds justify hiring additional cashiers - your demeanor and behavior, for which you can be hired or fired, is responsible for 50% of sales. this $60 an hour is then half your doing and half the cook’s doing. you’re collectively paid $16 an hour for it. some tiny fraction is also provided by infrastructural and janitorial workers (who are spread out much thinner from franchise to franchise); even if they make up an entire additional wage for the franchise, that’s $24 paid to employees and $36 retained by capital.
  • now, affective labor isn’t only formal wage labor. it can be! but people outside of white manhood are expected to meet the standards of white supremacist, heteropatriarchial capital, and face discipline and harassment for that. (not “if they don’t”; the harassment and discipline are inherent and taking it is part of how we produce value under this fucked structure.) this affective labor on the job also produces value: mcdonalds’s brand is precipitated in part on values and ideas that conflict with people of color and women having dignity or living for ourselves. we have to put away our self-concepts and self-esteem and senses of ourselves for the transactions that create $60 in value to happen. that is work we are not paid for; in fact, we frequently make less than white men, who don’t have to perform it! this is alienation of labor, and it’s to white working class men’s benefit but it’s conditional and positional and it’s not alienation to them, it’s alienation to our shared bosses.
  • affective/reproductive labor continues off the job site. most people who work full-time jobs can work them because they exist in stable social places to some degree. that stability requires stable and recuperative relationships with others; those relationships are in a sense work. let’s change your identity again: your girlfriend comes home from an 8-hour shift at mcdonalds. working a job is exhausting, it’s miserable, and part of coupling is wanting to make each other happy. if you’re the one she comes home to every day, it’s best if certain things are stable and dependable for her. it’s best if how you are is stable and dependable, how the two of you are together is stable and dependable. that involves making sacrifices, and in general if you’re not the breadwinner of the household those tend to fall on you. there’s both an immediate investment of visible work - the “second job”, the unpaid housework position, that comes with cohabiting with someone employed when you aren’t - and an invisible investment of affective labor. “i’ll bring this up when she has less on her plate”, “i don’t want to risk the last thing she hears before she goes to work being that i’m mad” - these are work, they expend our rare and precious time on this earth, and they create value. this work creates her ability to work 8 hours a day, and most of the profit of that goes to her boss - but a tiny part goes to her, and she decides how she spends it even though you made it. this is domesticity as a structure of labor alienation, and it’s crucial to recent marxist feminism as i understand it.
  • if you’re a lady, being stable and dependable and regenerative is what you’re told to do. resisting it is being a bad person - not merely a bad wife, a bad girlfriend, a bad lover, but being selfish, being an asshole, being arbitrary and cruel.
  • this is especially true of being stable and dependable and regenerative for men in your life. this is how mandatory heterosexuality works, and extracts value. being a woman under mandatory heterosexuality is being a thing work is extracted from by men as they require it.
  • the interaction with white supremacy is something i’ve studied less but it is crucially important.
  • this is a huge and understudied part of how capitalism created the nuclear family, created whiteness, as ways of intensifying production and arrogating more of the profit of production to capital from labor. it’s sometimes treated as just divide and rule but it’s in reality far more complex. the division is itself ruling, not an instrument for ruling’s sake.
  • in summary: as something other than a white man, living in a society built for white men, not threatening white people and men’s entitlement as white people and men, and making peace with a whiteness and a manhood outside of you - these are how capital takes time and energy from you to intensify production above the waterline of wages and salaries. this is the alienation of affective and reproductive labor. we put hours on the clock for traditional labor to be stolen from in.