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they would get hella high together. evidence: that episode where tina brings cal “blueberries” when the kids worked at the weed farm, and then that one time linda said “(reading off a text bob sent her when he was tied up under the pier) i tried blow? but we were gonna do that together! only once though” … not the same thing but shHHhhhhh

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what if Ty is ridin Blurry n theres a bump and Tyler is just so focused on it like he cant believe this is happening right now n blurry's just chucklin like "u like that, slut? want me fillin you up?" -🍔 (pls tell me i can be a burger its my goal)👌

Okay k I n k ? U can be a burger for sure my dude

Blurry’s all confident smirks and loud chuckles when he notices Tyler’s fixation. The brunette would be working his hips up and down rapidly, teeth caught in his lips as he bounced at just the right angle to feel it. The tiniest little hint of a bump, that would stretch out his rim the littlest bit more.
“Y'like that, slut? Want me t’ fill you up, to pump m’ cum into ya?” And Tyler fucking loses it, hole clenching around the boys thick cock as he releases. And his eyes fade out when Blurry releases, pumping cum into him.

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Relationship Status: Single boy ready to cry

Lipstick or Chapstick: I wish I could get away with bold lipsticks but I don’t know how to do that

Last song I listened to: Objects of Desire by Ninja Sex Party bc I think Viktor would totally listen to Ninja Sex Party

Last movie I watched: I saw Hidden Figures a couple nights ago. Bless it. I loved it. Watch it.

Top 3 shows: this doesn’t specify tv shows so Monster Factory, Game Grumps, & Bob’s Burgers

Top 3 characters: Dude don’t make me choose.
Nathan Prescott, Handsome Jack, Yuri Plisetsky, Prince Zuko, Alois Trancy, Princess Elodie, Mad King Ryan, Adrien Agreste, Draco Malfoy, and Curie from Fallout 4.

Top 3 ships: These change but my most recent obsessions have been, Otayuri, Viktuuri, and Rhack (u can follow my rhack blog @rhack-off).

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“Dude, it says that Y/N is in a relationship with a guy named Alec Johnson.” Sam scoffs, feeling the pain come back as he leans back in his chair, staring at the picture of Alec.

Dean looked up, chewing on his burger. “Dude, quit stalking her.”

“Not stalking.” Sam mutters.

“Start doing your research.” Dean argues. “Let Y/N be.”

“I am doing my research..” Sam sighs and shuts down the computer when he comes across a picture of you and Alec. You looked happy which in a way it made Sam feel happy but it also killed him because he wasn’t the one making you happy.

Aph Poland's contact names
  • America: Burger dude
  • England: Eyebrows on fleek
  • France: Honhonhonhon Baguette Bonjour Eiffel Tower
  • China: Aru, Aru?
  • Italy: Pasta friend
  • Romano: He called me fashion Bastard now I'm sad
  • Germany: Tried to kill me
  • Prussia: Also tried to kill me
  • Japan: Anime
  • Denmark: Wtf is up with his hair
  • Norway: Iceland call me Big brother
  • Iceland: Norway no
  • Sweden: Is attracted to furniture
  • Finland: Sweden's wife
  • Spain: *Clap clap* Olé!
  • Hungary: I like this one, this one can live
  • Austria: I got 0 sleep because of him and his stupid piano
  • Switzerland: Murder
  • Lichtenstein: Big Bruder
  • Ukraine: Has two big land masses
  • Belarus: Ivan marry Mr
  • Lithuania:
  • Estonia: I'm sure he's hacked the universe
  • Latvia: 😐
  • Sealand: Eyebrows on Fleek #2
  • Wy: Eyebrows on Fleek #3
  • Australia: Has deadly spiders as pets
  • Canada: How does he carry a polar bear around all the time like wtf

Double dude food man burger with bacon and jalapeños at @welcometothornbury.
@thedudefoodman didn’t disappoint, was spot on even on a 40 degree day. 👌🏼
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