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The One Where Actions Speak Louder than Words:

*Luke supplies Lorelai with coffee amid all of her crazy frenzies, even though he considers her to be a caffeine “junkie.”*

“Luke cheers Lorelai up with a Santa burger of his own creation.*

*Luke builds her a custom-made chuppah for her wedding…to another man*.

*Luke teaches Lorelai to fish in a kiddy pool, making sure to put a cork on his hook when she asks.*

*Luke invests in the Dragonfly Inn almost without hesitation.*

*Luke allows Lorelai to borrow his truck for Rory’s college move-in day, and then contends with moving the yucky Yale mattress in-and-out and back in again.*

*Luke buys/brings Lorelai flowers for the test-run of the inn.*

*Luke amends Lorelai’s feud with snow. How? By building her an ice rink*.

*Luke understands Lorelai’s Rory-can’t-quit-Yale resolve immediately and provides her with the unconditional support she needs. Moreover, he endeavors to detail plans of how they can “take turns” following Rory to and from classes.*

*Luke buys the Twickham House in the hopes of, someday soon, having little Gilmore-Danes feet running around/through it. The quietly hidden family man, Daddy Danes, everybody.*

*Luke checks-in and brings food after Richard has his heart attack, despite the fact that he and Lorelai are broken-up and that she’s now married to Christopher.*

*Luke organizes a bon voyage party for Rory, although weather threatens to rain on their send-off parade.*

^^And on and on and on the list goes, because…^^


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Mystic Braves & Friends @ SOHO (Santa Barbra, CA) 5/28/2015

The Mad Alchemist covers The Creation Factory, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel and Mystic Braves with liquid lava!

Photography By Tyler Loring

Shot for The Mad Alchemist