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kent parson has a reputation of being almost like a vegas cryptid. people will talk about the time kent parson thought they looked sad and let them vent to him for an hour or that time they saw kent parson give his flannel and sunglasses to a stray cat. theres also people swearing that kent parson challenged them to a burger eating contest. one person said he asked if they liked ducks and when they said yes he said “hold this for me” then gave them a duckling and walked away. he came back after five minutes, said thanks, then retrieved the duckling and left without explanation.

Trini, Zack and Billy cracking up when they hear people gushing about Kimberly and Jason. Even after they’ve fallen from grace a little they’re still Popular Kids: Kimberly continues to be worshiped as the most beautiful girl in school and Jason’s got a new reputation as a Hot Bad Boy let me ride your motorcycle guy rather than All Star Quarterback take home to your parents guy

“Kimberly is perfect. She could punch my tooth out any day and I’d thank her”

“Is Jason a god? I think he’s a god, look at him”

because they’ve literally seen Kimberly with greasy hair pulled up in a terrible top knot, faded spongebob pjs and ketchup down her face as she attempts to win a burger eating contest she started, yes, so graceful, so elegant, and they’ve bore witness to Jason bleary eyed, struggling to put his shirt on right, with an awkward teen five o’clock shadow, and drinking cold coffee straight out of the pot and spilling it all over himself, yeah such a deity that one.

The school kids all see these two social Kings and Queens in their refined finished product in school, but what they don’t see is the utter Disasters they really are

their two boyfriends and girlfriend don’t mind at all though, they love their Burger Eating Spongebob Wearing Champion and Who Cares About Five of The Buttons on This Shirt Leader 

“Best Cartoon Dad of the Year”

Because I like feeling smart and writing long analysis posts that my two loyal followers sometimes pity-like I’m gonna be doing one of those “Top 10″ thingies that everyone likes to read so they can be outraged by the #1 slot. First up I’ll be doing “Best Animated Dads” because I’ve seen too many fucking lists with Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin on them because no one can think of any others.


1. They must be a legal or biological father. Father figures are great, but I want to specifically look at fathers who have taken on full responsibility for raising their children.

2. I’d prefer to keep anime out of it. 

3. They must have episodes or scenes in their source material where they interact with their children directly, not through letters or flashbacks. Often writers like to pull a red herring by showing how kids misconceive their parents behavior or obsess over letters without actually showing the relationship. 

4. They will be ranked not only by how good they are at parenting, but also how good of a character they are on their own. Writers seem to think that you can’t have a nurturing male character be interesting and a good parent, and I’m legit so done with that excuse. 

5. They have to identify as male. Masculine moms are kickass and I love them but this list is specifically for fathers. Also, I cannot think of any cartoons about a super cool trans man dad but damnit if its out there I’m counting on you to show it to me.  

Candidates Already Being Considered:

Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers:

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Greg Universe of Steven Universe

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Mr. Diaz of Star vs the Forces of Evil

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4. Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls

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Bob's Burgers: Gene Belcher: ENFP


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Gene is a Ne-dom to the max. In the above GIF, he goes through many phases, changing his style constantly, claiming each is who he really is. He’s imaginative and creative and comes up with ideas effortlessly. When in a cheer-off, he comes up with several original cheers on the fly, beating his opponent handedly. In one episode, he writes a musical based on Die Hard, coming up with all the dialogue, dances, songs, and acts all the parts in it too. Whenever his ISTJ dad gives him a mundane task, he finds a way to make it fun, for instance, turning handing out free samples into a singing performance. Gene is highly distractable and gets bored easily.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Gene doesn’t talk about how he feels, but rather shows it through actions. For example, he doesn’t say it hurts his feelings to be ignored, but dons a Sasquatch mask and makes noise, grumbles and huffs till he gets attention. While Gene is mostly a dreamer who just wants to come up creative, fun ideas, he will do what he thinks is right if pushed. When people make fun of Tina, he stands up to them, exclaiming that only him and Louise are allowed to tease her, they’ll stick together from the womb to the tomb. When high schoolers are about to take down the young trick or treaters on Kings Head Island, he helps his siblings save them. Even though his ex girlfriend annoys the living crap out of him, he still lets her in his musical because it’s the right thing to do.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Gene loops a lot, coming up with ideas and just going for them, without stopping to consult his Fi. He wants to be in a band and starts one, even though he can’t play more than two notes on his keyboard, but then almost looses his friends because he doesn’t like how they’re trying to take over “his” band. His musical isnt selected by his teachers, and he plans on doing it anyway, stealing cast and audience members from the other play, but at the end combines his with the other play because he feels bad for sabotaging the other kids. Gene gets caught up being Beefsquatch, without caring he’s ruining Bob’s cooking show, but of course realizes he’s wrong and reconciles with his dad in the end.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Gene is forgetful and not very aware of his environment. He constantly looses things and has a hard time following through on tasks; he forgets the black garlic during the burger contest and almost gets distracted by the food fest and forgets to give it to his dad again. He’s also not very aware of his own bodily sensations and continues to eat lobster even though he’s VERY allergic, just to experience the thrill of trying new food.

Big Burger time for Jin & Jimin in Sweden!!

Overdue (Ardyn Izunia x Reader) Ch. 3

Here it is, the final chapter of Overdue! I will honestly say, I am so grateful to everyone who liked this story (which was surprisingly a lot) and that I’m glad you all took the time to read this. ^_^  Also be sure to check out @artistic-fangirl-shenanigans artwork for the Librarian Ardyn this story is based on.

Now then, here we go!

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“Dean stop, stop that’s disgusting”, you said after Dean took a bite of his eight burger. 

“That’s nothing”, Dean said and continued chewing as you took your eight burger as well. You had agreed to this crazy bet and you’d win it. 


“Y/N you can stop now you won”, Dean said after you had swallowed the last bite of your twenty third burger. He had already stopped after twenty one but you wanted to show him, that you were way better than him. And you were.

Sam looked at you with a proud grin on his face. 
“You totally pulled a ‘Dean Winchester’ today Y/N.”

Imagine Dean crying every time he talks about you

“Dean, you want your usual?” Sam asked when a waiter came into their table.


“1 chicken alfredo salad and 1 bacon cheese burger with the side of fries.”

The waiter wrote down your order and bee lined to the kitchen.

“We used to have 2 orders of bacon cheese burger. Y/N loved it so much that she even asked mine when she’s done with hers.”

“Dean.” Sam looked at dean with a worry and sadness in his face seeing dean sad smiling with a teary eyes.

“She always finished her burger in just a minute. Damn, that girl had an appetite. She even beat me on a burger eating contest.” Dean’s tears starts to roll. “It’s my fault, Sammy. If it wasn’t because of me, she’ll still be alive right now.” Dean rambles, having his shoulder bobbing up and down and covers his face with his hand.

“Dean, it wasn’t your fault. And I know that Y/N is not blaming you wherever she might be right now. She loved you, okay?” Sam calms Dean.

“Yeah, she loved me. And that didn’t end well.” Dean wipes his tears with his hand and starts to calm himself while looking around thinking people might be looking at him.

“Dean, I know it’s hard for you. Losing a girlfriend. Damn, it’s hard for me, too. I lost a friend. But we got to hold it up together. We need to move on, Dean. You should stop crying every time we talk about her. I know it’s painful. But you gotta let go, man. You gotta let go.”

“1 chicken alfredo salad and 1 bacon cheese burger with the side of fries.” The waiter came a minute after Dean calmed himself.

Sam politely thanked the waiter.

Dean grabbed his burger and stares at it with sadness in his eyes. Thinking Sam’s right. And he started to munch his food.

If you’re a vegan, that’s cool. I probably don’t have any vegan-friendly food in my house right now but if I invite you to dinner I’ll get some for you. However, if you try to force your views down other people’s throats, preach, rant or threaten people to convert them to your way of thinking, then so help me god I will hold a steak and burger cooking contest on your front lawn.


He trained for this day his whole life. The crowd screamed as he and thirty other participants sat down at their benches. Numbers were hung around their necks, and despite being registrant 54/70, he would leave number one.

It was a burger eating contest, held annually with a different fare each year. Each choice grew more greasy, each time more easy to prepare. Bart watched the contest for years, finally entering this one.

As rounds flew by, entrants dropped, some literally. In a blink, 70 became 15, which then became 10. Soon Bart was matched with two others, one really cute. And then the unnecessary background character fell, it was only him and her.

Despite devising a plan to forfeit the match for her, he involuntarily continued to devour like a machine. Vexed with his two great weaknesses, food and attractive people, which would win?