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Bareburger to serve the Impossible Burger — a vegan burger that bleeds

  • “A vegan, a carnivore, a dietitian and a glutton sit at a table.”
  • That’s the Instagram bio for Bareburger, a burger chain that offers shakes, burgers and other casual fare.
  • Bareburger has always had meat-free options on the menu, but the organic restaurant is taking it up a notch by offering a new burger that blurs the lines between vegan and carnivore.
  • Not possible you say? Take a gander at the completely vegan burger which will be available to order at the flagship Bareburger near the NYU campus in Manhattan. It’s not your average veggie burger.
  • The meaty-looking masterpiece above contains no meat yet it bleeds just like a regular hamburger.
  • It’s created by a company called Impossible Foods that’s on a mission to create livestock-free meat that mimics the succulent taste and texture of real meats. The Impossible Burger is the company’s first publicly available product. Read more (3/1/17 3:33 PM)
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Fuck teenage customers (from a teenage server)

I work as a waitress at a certain Midwestern burger and milkshake chain, we’ll call it $teak n $hake. I had a table of six teenage girls come in. (They look like they were about my age, maybe sixteen or seventeen.) When I went to get their drink orders, they all just ignored me for at least a solid minute. We were in the middle of a rush, so I decided that I’d give them another minute to look at the menu and get their shit together. I came back, and only three of them had decided on what drinks they wanted, and the other ones were playing on their phones and taking stupid pictures with a Polaroid camera. After I brought them their drinks, I was announcing each drink (per company protocol and to make sure everyone got the right thing), they would just say things like “The coke is Sierra’s.” I don’t know these girls, and they just sort of gave me blank looks until they realized I didn’t know who the hell Sierra was. When I started going around the table, half of them were just mumbling their orders while on their phones. The one sitting furthest from me just pointed over and over at the menu. (Like I can see size eight font from ten feet away.) Finally, I worked it out that the one girl (Pointy McPointerson) wanted a double guacamole steak burger. I repeated her order just to make sure, and she straight up asked me “What is a steak burger? I don’t want cow. I just want a regular hamburger.” Cue me trying to explain that hamburger is also cow, and that it’s the same as a steakburger to a girl my own age. These girls camped out for forty five minutes after finishing their food, left a giant mess and left me a three dollar tip on what had to be a $45 bill.

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What are your top 10 favorite stores and restaurants that show up in the anime?

This is a cool question! It also makes me realise how much of an impact Sailor Moon has had on me that I immediately remember a lot of single-appearance places that stayed in my memory, haha.

I’m not going to mention the Hikawa Shrine (which is technically a store?), Osa-P, Crown Arcade, or the Crown Fruits Parlour, because I feel like it goes without saying that I (and many other SM fans) adore those locations. We see them all the time, we see the girls grow up in them, they’re #iconic. You can just assume that those four top my list.

Also I guess some of these aren’t technically stores, but I figure “an attraction that you have to pay to enter” counts?

Presented without any particular order:

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Hey hey, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Hopper as El's dad? I love your headcanons btw!


But here you go! Apologies if ones have been done already!

  • Hopper teaching El how to fish. She doesn’t quite understand why people enjoy this, but she & Hopper love the quality time they get to spend together while doing it. El usually ends up catching bigger fish than Hop, too.
  • Hopper not knowing how to handle “girly” things—boys, crushes, opinions on clothing, etc. He trusts Joyce with all of that, so if El has a question that Hop knows nothing about, El goes to Joyce. Hopper honestly tries, but he just can’t do it as well as Joyce can. He IS supportive of El, though, and gives good advice on red flags to look for when dating (when she’s old enough for that).
  • Hopper always losing his keys and El fishing them out for him using her telekinesis. He playfully calls her a “show off,” which makes them both giggle.
  • Hopper mistakenly calls El “Sarah” sometimes. He told El about her the first time it happened, and Hop was visibly upset. El took his hand and said, “Dad. It’s okay. Brave. She was brave. I’m glad that I remind you of such a brave girl, so it’s okay.” Hop just holds her as he cries all over again, and shows her pictures of Sarah afterward. El just grins and says, “Very pretty.”
  • Hopper introducing El to the fast food chains—McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen, etc. Every time they get a hamburger and fries at one of those places, El looks at her meal sadly and says, “Benny.” It reminds her of the first meal she ever had where someone had actually shown genuine kindness to her. Hop raises his own burger with a soft smile and gently bumps it against hers. “To Benny,” he says, grinning widely as El echoes him. They each take a bite of their own burger, and all sadness seems to be gone for the time being.
  • Hopper giving a giggling El piggy back rides almost all the time.
  • Hopper explaining to El what a cop is and what they do. El telling him that she wants to be a cop like him when she grows up, because she wants to stop “the bad men” like her Papa and others at the lab. She doesn’t want kids or others to suffer as she did. This makes Hopper DAMN proud.
  • El also draws pictures of Hopper in a cape because in her eyes, he is a superhero like in Mike’s comic books.
  • Hopper watching Mike like a hawk, even though he knows he doesn’t have to worry for awhile, at least. It’s the Protective Dad mode, one that Joyce teasingly calls his “Neanderthal Mode.”
  • Hopper reads to El every night before bed, no matter how tired or busy he is. He always makes time for his daughter. ALWAYS.
  • Hopper tries to ween El off of Eggos and get her to eat healthier, more nutritious food. However, she still insists on Eggos with almost every meal, and Hop can’t refuse. Hey, at least she’s eating her carrots and strawberries!
  • Hopper and El watching Saturday morning cartoons together.
  • Hopper sings El lullabies when she’s sick or has nightmares/flashbacks. It helps to ground her and calm her down.
  • Hopper taking El for a ride in the police car and grinning and how excited she is about it. She doesn’t really like the siren, though.
  • Hopper taking El trick-or-treating every Halloween. She always gives him the candy she doesn’t like.
  • Hopper teaching El to drive, when she’s old enough.
  • Hopper giving El away at her wedding to Mike, when it finally happens ten to fifteen years later.
  • Hopper being a doting grandfather to Mike & El’s children. He teaches them everything he taught El, and even takes the two boys hunting (the two girls think hunting is “icky” and opt out). El playfully rolls her eyes as Hopper tells the kids about the time he saved their mother’s life and gave her a better one. The youngest daughter, Isabelle, hugs Hopper every time and thanks him for being such a nice man to their Mommy and for being a good dad & grandad.

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So I work at the busiest location of an ice cream and burger chain that also has a grocery store and I'm dreading work next week because corporate has decided to, starting May 1st, reduce the size of the hamburger patties from 1/3lb. to 1/4lb. and I can already hear the complaints through the time-space continuum. They're also adding 2 combos to our menu, giving us 16 combos and the kicker? They just redid the menu in February 2016! Wish me and my coworkers luck?

How u gonna draw fanart of a burger chain

Most fast food corporations would feed their employees to a meat grinder if it were legal and saved some money

  • Time Traveler: President Lincoln, despite your efforts, I'm afraid America is doomed to another civil war
  • Lincoln: That's terrible, what will be the cause? Famine? Foreign invasion? The return of slavery?
  • Time Traveler: It's a fucking burger chain mascot

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Hey, I was wondering if you could do a writing prompt, full of fluff, with Damian Wayne and Jason Todd bonding as brothers, over something? Thank you! And its okay if you can't or don't want too! :)

Jason did a few deep breaths before swinging his leg over and off his bike. He took long strides toward Wayne Manor’s front doors. “in out, just grabbing a few things, no small talk with Bruce, say hi to Alfred” he mumbled to himself as he pushed open the doors. He marched through the house and up the grand staircase to his former bedroom. Stopping and looking around he realized, “No Bruce? No Alfred?” 

“Pick up the habit of talking to yourself when you were alone in that box Todd?” came a voice from behind him. “hey little bird” Jason said turning to find Damian leaning against the door frame. “Where’s B and Alfred?” 

“Europe, some kind of mission”

“and they left you behind?”

“tt unlike you Todd, I am not a child I can take care of myself” 

Jason snarled “How long?”

“two days” Damian looked away. 

“put on your shoes and grab a coat” 

“what? why?” 

“we’re going out come on” Jason stalked down the hall and right out of the manor. A moment later Damian came out shrugging into a leather jacket. “Here” Jason pushed his helmet at Damian who looked at it like it was poisoned. “Alfred would kill us both if I let you on my bike without a helmet, come on” Damian made a face but stuffed the helmet on. “Okay hang onto me” Jason said as they mounted the bike and he kicked it to life. Damian made some muffled protest lost in the helmet and the roar of the bike. Jason smiled and tore out of the driveway. Damian lasted almost a full minute before wrapping his arms tightly around Jason and pressing his body against his older brother. Jason weaved through the street of Gotham at high speeds ripping up any traffic laws as he went. 

“Okay! we’re here” Jason proudly barked as he tried to flatten his wind ruffled hair, picking a leaf out of the white patch. Damian pulled off the helmet looking a little green, his hair having suffered badly. “Bat Burger?” 

“yeah, think if we tell them we’re Robin and the Red Hood they’ll give us free fries?” Damian looked at him coldly. “That was a joke”

“Tt I know Todd” Damian stalked past him and into the burger chain. “It’s like pulling teeth, from my dick” Jason said to the empty air and followed him in. 

Is the new Shake Shack cookbook as good as the real thing?
We tested the recipe for the Shack Burger in the burger chain's cookbook. Here's what we learned.

ou can now shake your own shack.

The Michelle Obama favorite burger chain released a new cookbook, Shake Shack: Recipes and Stories, now on sale. Meaning you can create the restaurant’s famed burgers, fries and shakes at home without braving the omnipresent line. But just how close is the homemade version to the real version? We wanted to find out.

We put the restaurant’s classic Shack Burger to a simple test: We made the burgers at home using the book’s recipe and bought a few from a Shake Shack near USA TODAY headquarters in McLean, Va. We then conducted a blind taste-test to see if people could tell the difference between the homemade burger and the store-bought one. Here’s everything we learned.

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Re: burger month: a local burger chain near me is celebrating by making a limited edition chimichanga burger. Burger patty, wrapped in jack cheese, wrapped in tortilla, and deep fried. I was forced to eat one for fandom reasons. Sam, if you ever get the opportunity to eat a chimichanga burger, do not do it. It was delicious and made me SO SICK.


….I have hamburger patties and tortillas. I’d need some cheese and more frying oil than currently available to me, but I could make this happen. 

Rounding out this weekend’s Japanese fast food “feature”, here’s a look at what Lotteria, the fourth largest fast food chain in Japan, is cooking up this summer… the Potato Chip Burger! (Wonder if Bobby Flay knows about this?!) They’ve teamed up with Japanese chip giant Calbee for this promotion, offering not only two exclusive burgers, but four french fry flavor choices as well.

Option A is a Lotteria cheeseburger topped with Calbee potato chips and a special cheese sauce. Option B is a chicken sandwich topped with vegetables, potato chips and a “Consomme Double Punch” sauce, based on one of Calbee’s popular chip flavors.

When you order your fries, you can now choose one of four bags of flavor powders, which you put your fries into, shake up and have them come out tasting like one of Calbee’s other chip flavors, Salt, Seaweed or Beef Wasabi!

Now on sale nationwide as of last week.

Image courtesy of lotteria.jp

I’ve been posting about my love of Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger since I started this blog, so it seems fitting that today, on Eataku’s Fifth Anniversary, MOS announced their biggest burger yet… the Tokyo Tower Burger! (Click above for a larger image.)

Starting this Friday, March 13th, you’ll be able to get your hands on this 14-layer behemoth burger exclusively at the new MOS location opening in the Tokyo Tower food court!

From top to bottom, the ingredients on the Tokyo Tower Burger are…



Hot Chili Sauce

Chopped Onion


Burger Patty

Thick-cut Tomato

Hot Chili Sauce

Onion Ring


Chopped Onion

Pastrami bacon

Burger Patty


If you order the Tokyo Tower Cheeseburger, as seen above on the right, you also get two slices of cheese on your top burger patty, bringing your total to 16 layers!

The Tokyo Tower Burger costs 800 yen, or about $8.00, while the Cheeseburger runs 860 yen, or $8.50.

I know where I’m headed next time I land in Tokyo!

Image courtesy of today’s MOS Burger press release.