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I’ve got a whole bunch of new prints on my etsy ✨


I’m jealous of the rain
that falls upon your skin.
It’s closer than my hands have been,
I’m jealous of the rain
—  Jealous

Happy June!🌷

I hope everyone is having a wonderful month so far! I have been super busy working and have been catching up on some reading, and ALSO taking some photos, figuring out a new background and layout.. What do you guys think of this? One of my favorite shows EVER is Bob’s Burgers.. and Tina..

Well Tina Belcher is my hero!💥

You may have noticed that I am doing some updates to my page.. it’s still under construction and I am doing my best to best personalize it to me and my personality.. so far I am in love with how it’s coming together🙌🏼

Stay tuned for the ending result!📚💕

  • Jinora: Do you like Mako?
  • Korra: I think so. I mean, he checks a lot of my boxes. He's a man, he's got a face, he can go outside.
  • Jinora: Lock him down!
  • Korra: I just wish there was a way I could know for sure that we were meant to be together. Like a sign.
  • Jinora: A sign? Like what?
  • Korra: Oh, you know, the usual. Like if we both got struck by lightning at the same time, or if an eagle landed on his hand and whispered my name.
  • Jinora: Yeah, that’s how you know it’s real.

I was gonna post these last night, but I didn’t end up doing it, so here’s my collection of comics so far! The majority of these comics are older than me haha

@cargthedood I got the Star Wars one for a play prop so I’m not really gonna read it and I’ll gladly give it to you since I know you like Star Wars!

EDIT: I managed to put two of the same picture, sorry!