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Just the Two of Us

Note: I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted a fic and I’m sorry. I’ve just been really caught up with AP classes and applying to colleges. Enjoy this long one though. Cough cough, it’s unedited, but oh well.

Request: Hi! Do you know what would be really nice? A Lafayette x Reader where the Hamilsquad goes to an amusement park and like they try to conquer the biggest, scariest roller coaster together, and it’s just a bunch of fluff? Thank you so much!

Word Count: 2621

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader, a little bit of Lams

Warnings: Roller coaster, a lil bit of anxiety, but overall just fluff and hamilsquad banter

AU: Modern

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“Y/N, hurry up!” You heard Herc yell.

“Coming! Hold on!” You yelled from your room as you unplugged your phone from its charger before running to meet Herc and John in your living room.

“We’ve been waiting for 20 minutes.” John deadpanned as you walked into the room.

You rolled your eyes, grabbing some cash from your counter. “You can’t rush perfection, Laurens, but-” You turned to him and gave him a mocking gasp. “You wouldn’t know that, now would you?”

It was John’s turn to roll his eyes. “Haha, very funny.” He sarcastically drawled.

Hercules snickered from the couch. “He’s just mad because we’re gonna be late to meet his boyfriend.”

You, Hercules, and John were supposed to meet Alexander and Lafayette at an amusement park nearby. You had delayed them because you took your sweet time while getting ready and it made John a little bit frustrated.

“Ha, true.” You stated while walking out the door to Herc’s car with your friends in tow. “I call shotgun! John, you’re in the back.” You stated with a smirk.

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