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anonymous asked:

So do you have a favorite promo!Tom from the Skull Island press tour? And if so would you post it??!! I liked Mexico best - the suit and the song they sang to him, and his face when he heard them - altogether gorgeous.

Hi, little gray face!

Oh, dear.  What a question.

In the effort of not allowing myself to write a thesis about this, I have decided the following:

  • I will limit myself to Top Three
  • I am mainly focusing on the appearance aspect
  • I will not watch every video available from it for purposes of research
  • I will choose one favorite over all 

So.  With all due respect to that lovely burgandy top that got a lot of use during day interviews, and the Cuddle Coat 2.0, and the double breasted suit from Japan, and the bold patterned suit from China…

*drum roll*

Third Prize goes to Mexico City Premiere Tom. Because that color is lovely.  And it is lovely on him.  I’m not absolutely in love with the pattern on the tie, but it’s fun and out of the ordinary.

Second Prize goes to Los Angeles Premiere Tom.  Because that tie with the lil hummingbirdies is so whimsical.  And I love the dotted pattern on the suit.  And I love the splash of the blue shirt.  Oh, plus, the fake out pocket on the right side doesn’t have a flap and that kind of makes me crazy in a good way and I’m not sure why.  It draws my attention to his waist?  Like I’m not sure, it just makes me wanna grip him right above his hips like one of those stuffed monkies with velcro on its hands and not let go.  

First Prize goes to London Premiere Tom.  Because this whole thing is perfect.  It is a delightful mixture of patterns, shading, and texture.  I mean how can you not love the polka dots.  Really.  Only Dodgers fans and Communists would hate the polka dots.  The tie is textured and is the only solid color, perfectly placed.  Then we move on to the lapels.  I love the notch style with this pattern, it makes them stand out more than on the solid color suit from Mexico City.  And finally.  The pocket square.  The pocket square that could be the subject of a Frank Sinatra tune.  The pocket square that could be the lipstick stained clue that helps Poirot solve the case.  The pocket square that could be a patented aphrodisiac.  The pocket square that could be used to tenderly wipe away tears of pain and pleasure.  Yes, that pocket square.  It is verra wunduhfull.  *sigh*

And over all, I agree, Mexico City Tom was quite something  The atmosphere, the enthusiasm, the sombrero, the singing, the color in his ensemble…just all so happy.  He looked in his element.

Thank you for asking!  It was a great few weeks.  I imagine it was so gratifying for him to be greeted all over the world with such excitement and appreciation.  The haters can go kick rocks.  He’s aces for me all the time, period - no coming and going with the tide of media hullabaloo.  He is a delightful sparkly unicorn in a world of sad dull donkeys.  And he is still that whether in a Gucci ensemble that costs more than my car or in his comfy holey sweatpants, because that’s the difference between a person who periodically reflects light from a temporary external source by happenstance and a person who consistently emanates light from a permanent internal source by choice.  <3