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Heya, hum... this might sound odd or awkawrd to ask for, you know... but is it possible you could give me some encouraging words or tips? I'm trying to get access for a university that is far away from I actually live, but I'd have to study a lot for it and I have no idea if I can make it

I was watching a video yesterday about how in virtual worlds gamers are so full of optimism. We engage in blissful productivity, and we weave tight social fabrics with people who are willing to collaborate with us to make the impossible possible–to achieve the greatest of tasks and to save worlds. And when you think about it, it’s true. Because in this virtual world, you believe you [can] achieve these things; That anything is possible. And no matter how many times you fail, you try again. Sure sometimes you rage quit and don’t come back to the game again for a couple hours or even days, but the point is you come back. Because this virtual world absolutely has to be saved, and you have to be better and consistently grow, and these obstacles have to be overcome.

And we don’t have that same sort of mindset in real life. We don’t believe we are as capable as we can be, and the thought of failure paralyzes most of us. But why is it that when we’re in game, we are the best possible versions of ourselves? Why is it we don’t apply those same sorts of work ethics to real life?

You can achieve anything you put your mind to. You just have to put in the work and time for it. So, be optimistic (believing in yourself is the first step), be productive (study), be social (study with your friends, network and broaden your horizons), and when you start losing sight of things just keep your mind on what it is you’re putting all this hard work in for. Because like every game, everything you’re fighting for should have great meaning.

I think it’s really great you’re travelling away for school. It’s also brave. College is going to be one hell of an adventure for you.

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Well Namine was obligated to alter the Sora’s memories because of organization XIII, why people doesn’t understand that omg.

Not only that but she was completely isolated from people who cared about her for ages before she finally met Sora. He brought her out of her darkness, he gave her a chance and cared for her. Something she had never experienced.

Like why can people not understand that being lonely makes you desperate, she probably just wanted to feel cared for like Sora cared for Kairi.

My heart literally hurts at the thought of how desperate she must have been.

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Do you know why people hate FF XII? I always thought it were a good game and no haters, but I wasn't able to play it tho ;A;

From what I understand, it’s hated because of the combat. It’s a completely active combat system (not turn-based like the other FF games) and you only control your main party member. It’s kind of like Dragon Age where you tell your party members what to do in a settings menu. For example, “if ally’s health is less than [a certain percentage], use cure” or “if enemy is large, use ____ attack”.

And apparently the first 2 characters you get, Vaan and Penelo, are widely hated.

Other than that I don’t really know. :\

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Don't worry about that anon, dear, is just a evil peasant, don't let it come into your palace.

T__T aww thank you!!!And right, I won’t let that anon get to me. I-It’s only one anon!!!! [even though i really felt I don’t deserve my edits because they’re just copies from the view of others. But I know in myself I didn’t copied it!]   But really thankyou for this wonderful message hun!!!!