bureau of paranormal research and defence

Acronym Transcript and Translation, cos this was amazing.

I have to type all this out cos it’s glorious and these two are my fastest faves ever, and also we may have been giving the Reds and Blues too much stick for being the dumbest soldiers ever.

“At ease soldier. We’re BADDAD, Bomb Action Detection Decision And Defusion? 

That was RAR, Rapid Action Response. We’re FIAT, Forensic Identification Analytic Tech.

No time! We have a live LOL RPG (feel like these are self explanatory) upstairs, and a BPRD (Hellboy reference! Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence) of over 5000.

We’re expecting an LSAT (Law School Admission Test?) RTAA (RT Animated Adventure) in the next eight minutes!

It’s Class 1 FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Reason) FO’SHO (…for sure. OBVS.)

He’s the best LCARS (Star Trek! Library Computer Access/Retrieval System ) DDR (fuckin’ Dance Dance Revolution) in the entire AOL.

See? EZ (GG).” 

“FML (Fuck My Life).”