bureau des mesarchitectures

EXTENDED CHILDHOOD: Being around younger siblings allows you to escape the perimeters and restrictions that adult life brings, even if only for a minute. I used to take my little sister to the park, sometimes merely so that I could enjoy it myself. It was generally during my university years when I wanted to escape the constant thoughts of studying and exams. If I had to pick my favourite piece of playground equipment I would definitely choose the swing. I used to swing myself higher than most of the other kids, maybe because I used to get quite a rush out of swinging back and forth and being off of the ground, if only for ten minutes or so. When I saw this image of a piece of Urban Furniture created two years ago by the Bureau des Mesarchitectures. It takes the whole notion of swinging high above the air even further, although I have to say that I would worry about what injury would befall anyone who falls off the swing. Needless to say I think that the people who do use this pair of swings are mature and well-behaved. Maybe they don’t push themselves up to the same heights that they did as a child but sit there, looking at the amazing city view and reminiscing on their childhood days. I would like to visit this place and do that at least once myself, looking at the idyllic sky and location here.