Alright! Commissions are up and running once again! 

Additional pricing information:

  • Extra people in works costs 10-20USD per character (limit two extras per work)
  • If you’d like me to make a speed draw/paint video of your commission on YouTube it will cost an additional 5-10USD

Some ground rules on what I will draw:

  • OCs, must provide reference picture or detailed writing reference
  • light/moderate gore and body horror
  • draw for any fandom which includes but is not limited to: Overwatch, Fallout, Transformers, Steven Universe, etc.
  • PDA/Ships, I’m not particular on what it contains so long as the content is relatively SFW

Stuff that I will not draw:

  • NSFW works of any kind
  • extreme gore/body horror
  • animals
  • underage ships that are intimate (no, I will not age them up for that either)

If you are interested in hiring me please either email me at indigoninja97@gmail.com or leave me an ask/message @indigoninjahere on Tumblr. If you’d rather talk to me some other way than email, you can make a request to talk to me on either Skype or Discord, please make sure that you let me know it’s for commission-related business.

I take payment via PayPal, which is the same as my email below. The way I will ask to receive payment for a commission is half now/half later, so that it not only guarantees me an incentive to complete your work, but allows me to make sure that no one runs off without paying.

And even if you’re not interested in my work, a reblog certainly helps me out a ton! It allows people to see that my services are available and brings in a wider audience as well.

Thanks for reading!