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hello~ ive been struggling losing weight... im 55 kilos at 5'1and i want to be 10 kilos lighter :( im asian and its so hard to be a bit chubby with all your skinny friends around you... D: do you have any tips? :( I just feel really down and i need someone to talk to!

I completely understand! I feel it’s a little more difficult for Asians since we’re expected to be thin because of “genetics” or the food we eat.

I used to be 58 kg~130 lb and after dieting and exercising I’m now down to 49 kg~108 lb and I’ve developed daily routines that help maintain my weight. I do realize that I’m a bit underweight but I feel fine and I always have enough energy to work out :-)

These are my personal routines:

  • I make myself drink lots of water (or I drink Korean barley or burdock tea which are both really good for weight loss)
  • I eat one large meal a day (this isn’t on purpose my work schedule interferes with eating) but there is this famous book in Japan about the health benefits of eating one meal a day here
  • Every time I’m hungry I snack on fruits or veggies or nuts until I’m full
  • I exercise regularly with my typical workout being 1 hour of walking, 20 minutes of cycling, 100 waist whittlers, and 30 minutes of hula hooping

Please don’t adopt my tips wholly as it’s not some set “diet”. It’s something that my body has gradually adjusted to and I don’t support extreme diets. I always eat when I’m hungry and I know my limits when I’m exercising.

General tips:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Carry around small ziploc bags of fruits/nuts or have them ready in your fridge when you want a snack
  • Have a small journal to carry around and write down little notes of encouragement and letters to yourself you can also write down all the food you ate and exercises you did to track yourself
  • Don’t count calories, it’s a waste of time and it’s a hard habit to break
  • Hang a dress or some piece of clothing you really love in your room for motivation (even buy one a size smaller if you want)
  • Keep junk food and other temptations out of your sight or try to get your parents to buy less of it
  • Watch kpop music videos and dance practices to give you motivation

Before you give up:

  • Drink a glass of water count to 100
  • Watch girl group music videos
  • Read letters and words of encouragements you wrote
  • Think of all the times you gave up and how many more times you’ll say “tomorrow”
  • Scroll over this tag I keep of bodies for motivation
  • Read over this whole entire answer I’m giving you and just know that I’m spending an hour to give you advice because I 100% wholeheartedly believe in you

Shopping list/foods to eat more of:

  • Watermelons
  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Boiled eggs
  • Broccoli 
  • Edamame
  • Raw nuts
  • Avocados
  • Oatmeal
  • Chicken breast
  • Non-fried fish
  • Tofu
  • Brown rice

My workout playlist:

Please don’t mull over for a long period of time on issues such as weight. I know everyone has those days where we get depressed with our weight but also remember that you are blessed with a body that is healthy! Don’t worry and good luck :-)

DEC 2015 EDIT: This was answered about 2 years ago so a lot has changed! I gained some healthy weight back and stopped eating one meal a day.

Healthy Hair Growth Challenge (courtesy of Nappturalistic Beauty)

Basic Guidelines to Follow (in addition to the Sub Challenges):

  • Make sure your hair has a good trim before starting the challenge & ONLY trim at 6 month intervals if needed
  • Wash/Cleanse your hair 1x per week
  • Always do Hot Oil Treatments before (pre-poo) or after you wash your hair
  • Always Deep Condition after every Wash & Hot Oil treatment followed by a Leave In Conditioner
  • Blot hair with a t-shirt & Air dry the hair 99% of the time
  • Remain FAITHFUL to Moisturizing & Sealing your ends at least 3x a week to prevent breakage & split ends.
  • Wear protective or low manipulation styles 3-5x a week
  • No heat (blow drying, flat iron, curling iron, etc.) 
  • Take a hair growth aide or multivitamin if you choose to benefit the health & growth of your hair & body.
  • ALWAYS protect your hair at night with a silk/satin scarf and/or bonnet. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase will be beneficial as well.
  • Eat a healthy diet, eliminating fast food and as many processed foods as possible.
  • Exercise at least 2-3x a week, whether it’s walking, running, jogging, aerobics, etc. Do something that will get your heart pumping & get your blood flow circulating.
  • Drink PLENTY of water.
  • Keep your hands OUT of your hair when you’re not styling or massaging it
  • Every day, look in the mirror at yourself & say a positive affirmation about yourself to motivate yourself.
  • Take a picture of your hair before starting this challenge. At three months (December 31st), take a picture and do a length check to track how your hair is coming along. Post a picture to the Wall whenever you are making progress for your encouragement and others encouragement & inspiration as well.
  • Periodically post how much growth you’ve had.

Sub Challenges

1st Sub Challenge is “Deep Conditioning”, “H2O” and “Scalp Massaging" 


  • Deep Condition your hair with your favorite Deep Conditioner at least 1x a week.
  • If you’re wearing braids or weaves, deep condition 1x every 14 days (2 weeks).
  • Gently detangle your hair in sections, working your way from your ends up to your roots with a wide tooth comb and then 2-strand twist each section.  Rinse your hair with the twists to keep your hair from tangling all over again.
  • Use your preferred method of (with plastic cap) Hooded Dryer, Hot Towel, Heat Cap, No Heat or Steamer (no plastic cap) to assist your deep conditioner for better penetration & absorption
  • Deep Condition for a minimum of 30 minutes every session
  • Do a protein conditioning treatment 1x every 4-6 weeks (if your hair allows it).
  • Drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water or more everyday
  • Post a starting picture at the beginning of this challenge and a final result picture at the end of this challenge.

Scalp Massage Requirements:

  1. Beginners: Massage scalp 3-5 minutes daily 
  2. Intermediate & Advanced: Massage scalp 5-10 minutes daily 

How to do Scalp Massages

You can massage your scalp, using the pads of your fingers with any oil of choice or none (if allergic or scalp doesn’t like oil). 

  • Pour some oil into a bowl and warm the oil by placing the bowl in some hot water. The oil should be warm but comfortable to the touch.  Or you can just use your favorite oil straight from the bottle.
  • Using the pads of your fingers, apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp, parting your hair as needed.  Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp, using circular motions. Slow, deliberate movements are relaxing while steady but vigorous movement helps enhance energy and circulation.

Sample list of oils for scalp massages

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • *Burdock Oil
  • *Basil Oil
  • *Tea Tree Oil
  • *Lavender Oil
  • *Peppermint Oil
  • *Rosemary Oil

*Essential Oil that should be used with a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Castor or Olive Oil.


Information for Scalp Massage Challenge

You must note that most essential oils are very strong and should be used only after diluting it with a carrier oil. Remember, essential oils are VERY concentrated and shouldn’t be used directly on the skin or hair.  Before using them you must also consult your health care provider as some oils could cause irritation and allergic reactions in the body.

Nature's Flu Shot

As fall approaches this is a fantastic recipe that can be taken at the first sign of illness.

1 Tablespoon Burdock Root
1 Tablespoon Nettle
1 Tablespoon Milk Thistle

Let these herbs simmer on low with 2 cups water. I prefer to brew the herbs in a tea ball. This is a tea base you will let cool.

2 juiced Lemons
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 garlic cloves crushed
2 teaspoon fresh raw ginger
1 teaspoon raw honey

Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake.

I wish you all the best health this coming fall and winter!!

All About ASTRO


You’re personally involved with the rap making. Where do you gain your inspiration from when you write your lyrics?
I mostly get it from movies. I try to think up of this and that by adding my own imagination skills to the movie’s protagonist. The movie that I’ve watched recently is ‘Me Before You’. There’s a really cool line. It’s a line the father said to his daughter in the movie, “If that person is already thinking like that then no matter how hard you try to change him, he won’t.” I felt a lot of things.

When do you feel the most proud of ASTRO as the leader?
When we held our debut showcase and mini live concerts. It was tough on the members whilst we were preparing and there’s the feeling of satisfaction and gratification you get when you show the effort you’ve put in. It was a meaningful moment. I want to hold an official concert as ASTRO in 2017.


Have there been any exhausting moments for even MJ who’s called ASTRO’s 'most funny kid’? If there is then how do you overcome it?
Minus lacking sleep, I haven’t had a moment of exhaustion. I think of the future when it gets tough on me physically. For example, we were given a vacation after wrapping up our concert in the summer. I gained strength thinking of a vacation when we were preparing for our concert (laughs).

Introduce to us the eldest cum vocal MJ’s secret methods for maintaining health in the winter.
I used to drink either bellflower tea or honey tea last time. These days I developed the habit of talking less (laughs) and drinking often. One more thing! I make sure to use a nasal spray for my rhinitis before I sleep. Then it gets a lot better the next day. I take proper care of my meals and don’t have late night snacks… I do push ups in the practice room and I also enjoy simple exercises.


Eunwoo’s rich in nicknames in ASTRO. 'Cha-doomchit’, 'Wanna come along with me?’, 'Cha-pago’, etc… Amongst your several nicknames, is there any that you like or one that you’d hope for people to stop calling you by?
I hope people will stop with 'cha-doomchit’ (laughs). I’ve gained a lot of new nicknames since. The members make nicknames for me out of whatever I do. Lately they’re having 1+1 offers for burdock root tea in convenience stores so I’ve been buying them often to drink. Because of that they called me 'burdock root tea-eunwoo’. Because I ate apples and bananas for breakfast instead of rice, they call me 'cha-rang utan’, they make fun of me whenever I do something (sighs).

For Eunwoo who isn’t good with lucky-or-nots, when has been your most 'Lucky!’ moment recently?
ASTRO recently filmed for a Japanese eating broadcast and only three amongst six of us could take a trip down to the famous restaurant. We played a game and settled on the three members and I was chosen. It was a korean cuisine restaurant in Cheongdam-dong and it was delicious. There was braised back ribs and even fish, the side dishes were also a lot. I was revitalized.


What’s the nickname that Moonbin likes the most?
There’s one called 'puppy-kitty’. It was a nickname given to me because I look like a cat when I’m staying still but then like a dog when I smile. I was embarrassed at first but I became slowly fond of it. I always call myself 'puppy-kitty Moonbin’ when I do self-introductions too.

The year 2017, what is that you wanted tho do most when you turn 20?
To be honest, I’m a fast 98 liner so all my friends are 20 years old. First off, I want to try staying at a PC bang past 10PM (laughs). I’ll try some alcohol and I also want to confidently watch horror and thriller movies that minors are banned from watching.


You were focused on your laptop all by yourself during break time.
I watched ASTRO’s choreography video. In order for me to be relaxed on stage, I have to figure out what sound comes out at what beat in the song and what kind movement I need to do with what kind of feel. I was organizing it in my head as I was watching the video.

You’re well versed in dance, enough to appear even on Mnet’s Hit the Stage. If there is a dance genre you have been practicing lately?
I’ve learnt a variety of dance genres since I was young. So more than practicing a specific genre, I’m working towards being able to digest whatever kind of choreography that comes my way. ASTRO are also making efforts to digest every choreography in a way that’s only ours. As for ASTRO’s choreography, how our movements are refreshing and overflowing with energy is its strength.


What’s the youngest Sanha really interested in lately?
Playing the guitar. I’m building up on my repertoire. Since my 5th year of elementary school and up till now, I’ve been teaching myself how to play the guitar by watching guitarists’ videos. I really want to try playing John Mayer’s Neon later on. I want to sing along to it too. I’ve familiarized myself with all the chords but the execution’s hard so I’m diligently practicing.

When does the youngest Sanha feel a generation gap with the older members?
I share a six year age gap with our eldest, MJ hyung, and whenever we’d talk about animations, the seasons that each of us watch is different. I watched season ten of 'Shin Chan Can’t be Stopped’ but MJ hyung’s watched it since the first season (laughs), the prices of junk food during MJ hyung’s time and my own is also different.

Scans by: MyDeer_0330

Translations by @99pmh​
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Hello! Got any recommendations/rituals for clearing a space of past occupants' energy? About to move into a room with some wacky bad vibes! Thank youuu

You got it!

Here’s a charm from The Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael on blessing a house:




External image

DHE, beannaich an taigh,
Bho steidh gu staidh,
Bho chrann gu fraigh,
Bho cheann gu saidh,
Bho dhronn gu traigh,
Bho sgonn gu sgaith,
Eadar bhonn agus bhraighe,
     Bhonn agus bhraighe.

GOD bless the house,
From site to stay,
From beam to wall,
From end to end,
From ridge to basement,
From balk to roof-tree,
From found to summit,
     Found and summit.

Dipping Holy Water (it doesn’t have to be Christian holy water, if you’re uncomfortable with that) in Rosemary or Thyme sprigs and flicking them around the house’s walls, floors, and corners while reciting a prayer or chant to the purpose, such as the above charm or Psalm 51.

Sweep the house! Either with a new broom, or a blessed broom! Back to front is good, sweet it all out the front door and away. Or if you have a fireplace in the east, sweep it west to east and into a blessed fire with some cleansing herbs or powders in it. Or sweep east to west at dusk out the door and wash it away with holy water.

Hanging a lemon in any room that is particularly bad may also help. Or washing the floor with a combination of whiskey, lemon, and salt.

Burning juniper is a good old method. So is burning stalks of mullein, or sprinkling it around the house.

You could create a witch’s scourge with thongs of black and/or red thread, bound by an appropriate wooden or leather handle. In the thongs, you can stick thorns of hawthorn, blackthorn, or blackberry and at the ends tie black hen feathers or white goose feathers. If you repeat a verse to banish or purify (a divine invocation will work, I don’t know what you work with some I’m trying to keep this response neutral) as you walk backwards through the house whipping the ground and walls as you go, it will force unwanted forces to flee.

Rough noise-making is a popular and ancient method of banishing unwanted spirits, but may be successfully applied to this scenario. Banging iron pots with steel spoons or forks, hanging bells about your body, and shouting or very loudly singing as you dance about the house and premises from the inside out will cause evil to run away from the noise.

Another method of noise-making includes drumming, although drumming has other protective, magical, and spiritual significance all over. Famous witch Cecil Williamson of the West Country stated that drumming with glass drumstick(s), made to have unfinished handle-ends, can be made to banish unwanted spirits.

As with any cleansing, you want to make sure your space is actually cleansed! Physically clean the new home as best as you possibly can, and let it some fresh air before you get ready to cleanse it ritually as well!

Here are some Hoodoo spells from Catherine Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic

Cleansing Incense: Mix rue with sandalwood, frankincense, hyssop, and camphor and burn on charcoal both to cleanse the home and to smoke any
individual who wishes to be purified in its fumes…

For Purification or the Home: Benzoin resin is a fumigant said to clear out evil messes. For this reason, some people burn it in each room while performing a ritual house cleaning to spiritually cleanse a new home before
moving in. It may be mixed with camphor when thus employed…

To Spiritually Cleanse a Home: When moving into a new home, buy a new broom and sweep the premises from back to front to get rid of any trouble
remaining from the previous occupants. For a triple-strength house-cleansing, wash the premises from back to front with Chinese Wash, then sweep from back to front with a new broom, and finally, light a white candle, and burn Van Van Incense and camphor in each room…

Purifying Incense: Burned on charcoal, camphor is said to cleanse the home. It may be blended with other incenses for this purpose. When performing a full-scale spiritual house cleansing that involves sweeping from back to front with a new broom, scrubbing from back to front with Chinese Wash, and laying down salt in the comers, the last act performed is often the burning of a square of camphor alongside a white crucifix candle to “seal” the work…

Cleansing Incense: Mix cinnamon chips with frankincense, myrrh, camphor, and sandalwood to make a very strong incense. Burn this on charcoal every day for fourteen days to purify a home where bad, violent, or evil things have happened. This incense may also be used to spiritually cleanse clothing received from the dead or from unknown parties. It is said to be good for smoking the entire body too, if you have had to deal with evil people…

Home-Cleansing Incense: Gravel-sized chunks and powdered Dragon’s Blood may be burned on charcoal. Folks claim that this cleanses the home and rids the premises of evil. It is said to be particularly good when moving
into a new home, and it may be mixed with camphor resin for this purpose…

Strong Purification Bath and Floor Wash: Blend one cup Epsom salt, one cup salt, one tablespoonful saltpeter, and one crushed laundry bluing ball. Dissolve a handful in a tub of water and add one tablespoonful ammonia.
The used bath water can be made into a peaceful home cleansing floor wash…

To Spiritually Cleanse a Jinxed House: Brew a gallon of five finger grass tea and add a half-handful of Uncrossing Crystals to make up a jinx removing floor wash. Use this to wash down the walls, windows, and doors;
throw the left-over water out on the sidewalk and sweep it away…

Cleansing Incense, Floor Wash, and Bath: The Iroquois burned pine chips or resin when moving into a vacant house to drive out spirits. If mixed with camphor, the result is stronger. Pine-Sol, a commercial pine-scented cleaner, can be dosed with Van Van Oil and used as a substitute for Chinese Wash to uncross a home. Fresh pine  needles in a bath remove mental negativity…

To Purify Your Home: Mix powdered angelica root with Peaceful Home
Powder and salt. Put a pinch in each comer of each room and a pinch at each outside comer of the building. This is especially good if you are moving into a house where the previous inhabitants had domestic disturbances…

Purifying Scrub: Brew burdock into a tea with broom corn, rosemary, or lemon grass, strain it, and add to it scrub water to purify the premises…

Floor Wash to Clear Off Bad Conditions: Brew hyssop into tea and add it to floor wash to clear away crossed conditions at home, reciting the 51st
Psalm, and disposing of the used wash water at a crossroads.”

May 1st 2015. Slept good, ate good, made some lemon water and burdock tea, and now it’s time to get back to my desk. I bought this Lipton Honey green tea yesterday and it’s awesome!!! So delicious!! Also drinking lemon water throughout the day.

This page of my journal shows a list of things that motivate and inspire me. Once I read in a book that for most people it’s hard to list and write down things that they like, so I was trying to see how well I do it the other day, and it was pretty easy for me and fun. :)