burden soul

Who said guidance would be easy. It comes to those who can carry their weight and the weight of those around them. To the true slaves and servants of Allah. And their are ranks even after that. Higher ranks means higher struggle. Feels like the weight of the world is on your back, and it may even be, bear it. Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear. Imagine the look on RasoolAllah SallahuAlaihi wasalam’s face when he greets you after you struggle through this life. He will know that the coal only got hotter and you held on because he set up damn well examples for us. SallahuAlaihi wasalam. And imagine meeting Allah!!! Do it for HIS sake and attain HIS mercy. Imagine hearing, “You did well” and are admitted into paradise. Ya Allah.. Ya Allah.. Make us from the people of Al firdous.. Allahumma Ameen

“It’s very easy to pass judgment while comfortably sitting at the other end of the road they’ve just started down.”

someone wrote this as part of a long condescending response to my post and it sounds pretty good on a superficial level but i just want to point out the slickness with which it flips the situation around to manipulate the reader’s sympathies

the topic is straight people’s homophobia and the harm it does to gay and bi people. but now here in this metaphor, straight homophobes become poor burdened souls struggling on a long, forbidding road. meanwhile, the gay and bi people whom they are harming are conceited and cruel, sitting in comfort that is implied to be unearned. wow! really makes you think, amirite?

this is rhetorical sleight of hand. this is a magic trick that turns perpetrators into victims and victims into perpetrators. and it’s a trick you only perform if you prioritize protecting perpetrators from criticism over protecting victims from harm.

I saw the black serpent, as it wound itself upward around the wood of the cross. It crept into the body of the crucified and emerged again transformed from his mouth. It had become white. It wound itself around the head of the dead one like a diadem, and a light gleamed above his head, and the sun rose shining in the east. I stood and watched and was confused and a great weight burdened my soul. But the white bird that sat on my shoulder spoke to me ‘Let it rain, let the wind blow, let the waters flow and the fire burn. Let each thing have it’s development, let becoming have its day.’
—  Carl Gustav Jung, from ‘Liber Novus / The Red Book’

i choose you
to hold my heart
within your hands
let you feel
as its life
sustains me

i allow you
to create the truth
that echoes
within my mind
as i become
in love
with captured eyes

i need you
to carry the burden
of my weightless soul
the hurt
the pain
and the chaos
only you can contain

i see you
in my sweetest dream
that lingers till morning
as my light
my shelter
and my reprieve
from the darkest night

i choose you


If you’re in pain, I urge you to say -Alhamdulillahi Ala Kulli Hal - (we praise and thank Allah in every situation). This is the first step in knowing and understanding the Mercy of your Lord. Whatever you’re going through, know that this was never meant to miss you. This trial or test that you’re experiencing right now has already been ordained over billions of years ago (even before the universe was created). The pen is dry, so don’t despair. If Allah has decreed this upon you, know that you have the strength to overcome it, since Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear. Sometimes, in certain circumstances we just feel… Broken. Perhaps it is the death of someone close, or a break up with someone we love, perhaps a hurtful word, or perhaps a reason we can not pinpoint. Yet this feeling of brokenness can be an invitation to be better acquainted with al-Jabbar. Al-Jabbar, (The Compeller, The Restorer) is the One who is able to restore and mend what is broken. Some of the great scholars would supplicate “Ya Jabir Kul Kasir”, when they were faced with overwhelming difficulty, meaning “Oh You who mends everything that is broken”. Allah is al-Jabbar the one who restores all things to its original form and who fixes all that is broken. Will He then not mend your broken heart?

Have you ever cared about someone so much that it almost feels like it's too much to handle at times? Like it's a burden and it weighs heavy on your soul and on your heart, but you just don't care?


she created your life
from within her womb
but spends her own life
creating you a home
she sang you sweet lullabies
from her lips
and from her heart
whispers prayers for you
she cradled you as an infant
in her tired and feeble arms
but calmed all your fears
in the strength of her embrace
she gently kissed the scrape
upon your wounded knee
and deep within her marrow
still holds your every pain
she nurtured you to grow
and bloom
but will forever carry
your burdens
within her soul


Inside you is the strength to bear the storm, the patience to wait for the calm. How do I know this? Your Lord does not burden a soul more that it can bear. This is all a test, just remember that. You can pull through and you will arise victorious.
—  diaryofaniqaabi

“I know you tried to find me again. You went to the next girl with brown hair and you tried to find that same silly attitude and that same big heart. You wanted me, but you didn’t want the sadness, you didn’t want the mood swings, you didn’t want the insecurity. You saw me as more bad than good to you. I guess to you, I came with too much baggage. I was a burden. Well this burdened soul loved you. I loved you and you didn’t appreciate a damn thing.”

Why would any woman want such a man? He’s already proven to you that he’s willing to lie, cheat, and jeopardize his relationship to pursue his desires. What else do you need to see this is the wrong man? To the other woman… taking a good woman’s man is not a sign of strength. It’s a sign that you, yourself, aren’t ready for a good man and that you’re willing to settle for anything… even a second hand wrong man. Eventually, the good woman will thank you for relieving her of such a burden.
—  Amari Soul

There’s room at the table.

There is room for burdened hearts and weary souls. There is room for scars from heavy battles and tired hands from working fingers to the bones. There’s room for sagging shoulders from carrying the sword too high for too long. There’s room for breaking, for grieving, and for bitter anger.
There’s room for rejoicing and praise. There’s room for excited chattering and clapping hands. There’s room for celebrations so mighty and so holy that it seems God ordaines them Himself. There’s room for hope and peace and love.

There’s room at the table… for all of it.
There’s room at the table… for all of us.

Grab a chair, find a place, share your story.
Break bread, shed tears, spill laughter.
Sit quietly, observing without much to say but a smile on your face.
Barge in, angry and afraid from years of trust being misplaced and broken.
There’s room for your story, there’s room for your tragedy, there’s room for your passion.

There’s a place here, just for you. Choose a mismatched chair, take a chipped plate, a bent fork… Come take a seat.
No one is going to be turned away in the house of the Father.
We’re so happy you’re here.

We were so excited to hear you were coming.
How have you been? Tell us everything… we have an entire eternity.

-31women (Ansley)

thoughts after watching the BTS drama

-wtf happened to all of jimin’s game
-yoongi was waaaay too into his role
-kim taehyung: actor
-whoever thought jin was normal i am deeply sorry
-vhope hard carried that shiet
-kim namjoon truly cleanses the burdened soul
-jeon is…such a freaking loser oh my god.
-everyone should have a crush on jung hoseok
-seriously. where is all of park jimin’s game (it like he don’t need it anymore…)
-jin should be the new lead vocalist