Just finished up the Andromeda piece! Thought it’d be cool to show it and my original trilogy based piece off together.

Lord willing I’ll have new runs of prints for each of these at Emerald City coming up!

Which, yeah, I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con! So if you’re in the area  or already plan on going, be sure to come find me! I’ll be at table N7b [how fitting!] with prints and doing sketches!

See you in Seattle!



The inks are almost done! I’m only 11 pages away from finishing the inks and then all that is left is tones and word balloons. 

Keep in mind that the black and white version will available in the RED HEAD DRAWS Sketchbook first, then will be available online later in the year. 

HOWEVER - the COLORED version will be available at TF Con this year, and the fabulous @dcjosh has joined the team to color it! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend TF Con this year due to my already scheduled bookings at another con, but I’ll make sure to send minis to Josh so he will definitely have some copies at his table! :)