And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

This sketch reminds me of galaxies for some reason. Which reminds me–I need to get myself a pair of nebulae-patterned leggings. They would be cliche expect for the fact that they’re so darn hard to find. Owning a pair is like an achievement in itself.

Keep cool, stay shady.

Written by Hal

SCARY BEAUTIFUL by Leanie van der Vyver

Would you call these scary beautiful, or just plain scary?

“These heels appear backwards on the foot, so the wearers feet point straight down the back, as if in ballet shoes, with their shin leaning against the front "heel” end of the design to balance. The shoes are a collaboration between artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg, and serve as a commentary on today’s impossible standards of beauty.“ – Joanna Douglas

Want to watch the designer’s strange video? Click here! http://vimeo.com/45024704