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anonymous asked:

jin wore the Burberry sweater that tae gave him in America too right!!

Hey there ‘Burberry sweater’ anon,

Yep too right, ‘boyfriends in Burberry’ in America look confirmed! Jin was indeed wearing the blessed Burberry sweater his boyfriend V gave him. Look at him, broad shoulders and all, what a Burberry-catwalk-worthy glory!

Can you mental picture him going at the Burberry shop and browsing for a perfect birthday present for Jin? Imagine our fashionable artsy prince V going through all those checked prints and like really wanting to buy a printed shirt matching the pajamas he just picked for himself but suddenly remembering Jin is a minimalist prince who loves simple, soft comfy sweaters and gets cold easily! And then he finds this lovely elegant sweater, a sweater than makes Jin’s shoulders even more accentuated and makes his long neck feels so silky, a sweater that probably feels amazing to touch when he is embracing Jin. Awww how Taehyung loves his Jinnie!

Look at them! V truly loves Jinnie with the Burberry sweater on!

But I bet he loves Jinnie even more when he takes it out!

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Boyfriends in Burberry

Lots of love.


Cara Delevingne and Matt Smith by Alasdair McLellan for Burberry

Introducing our latest collection featuring Cara Delevingne and Matt Smith. Filmed by photographer Alasdair McLellan for Burberry.