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Either or. They had to start making those coats because they destroy them with fake blood, and just general damage. It's cheaper than buying them. Almost every season, the jacket has been different in little details.

They don’t make the trench coats and they don’t change every season. Sorry.

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They still have several copies of the original trench coat because they bought like the whole stock of them from J.C. Penny

So these were not made they just have a lot of them. These are costume department tags detailing Castiel’s wardrobe for two different episodes in two different seasons notice both tags say J.C. Penny.

We have less information about the second trench coat but the we know the second coat has plaid under the collar

This plaid should look familiar to you 

This is because this trench coat was probably manufactured buy Burberry this plaid pattern is unique to only that company and I believe it’s probably copy righted. So this trench coat was also purchased and not made.  It’s possible that it could have been made but they would have had to get permission from Burberry. 

Burberry is one of two companies who claim to have invented the trench coat the other one being Aquascutum who I referenced in the last ask. 


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