burberry jumper

THAT photoshoot

Ok so I just unearthed some new details about the infamous crazy fashion photo shoot and guys, I just had to share.  

First off there’s an interview that goes with it.  An interview about David’s personal fashion. And just, you have to go and read it, It’s so perfect. I’ll wait.  

He is, he says repeatedly, not a shopper. "I do that typical male thing of finding one thing and doing it to death, like Paul Smith suits.“


  • Vindication! haven’t I been saying this!
  • Documented evidence that 
    • The Paul Smith thing goes back at least to 2006.
    • At least some of those older suits are PS
  • Not a shopper, totally supports my theory that he just does it in one bulk spree.

Also weird coincidence, look at the photographer:

That jumper’s Burberry incidentally. Which leads me to my next discovery.  Check out the Burberry Prorsum Spring/ Summer 2006 look book.


’Sound’, shot by Gregory Harris and styled by Tony Irvine. See the full shoot taken from the Future Shock issue here

Gabriel Marques wears wool coat by Burberry Prorsum; roll neck jumper by Michael Kors. Amanda Wellsh wears wool top by Calvin Klein Collection; necklace from Melet Mercantile.