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When freestyling what do you usually wear?

My typical everyday outfits:
- Black Burberry trench coat, jeans, shirt, and Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots
- Black or nude pumps with high waisted jeans, leather jacket, and a plain tee
- Lululemon outfit (align pants with a define jacket) - the amount of times I’ve been picked up by men when I’m wearing lululemon outfits is nuts. They show off your figure, it’s sexy, but it’s not too revealing.
- Sweater dress with a leather/suede jacket and knee high boots
- Cropped hoodie with high waisted Lululemon pants, and Nike’s (This is super casual, but for some reason men find it sexy. The athleisure look)

As you can see, I’m very casual, but my hair will be done or in a high pony tail. 99% of the time, buns look messy, and I’ve heard guys say they’re not cute. Handbag varies on the outfit/occasion.

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Could you make a post about your outfit choices? Like what'd you wear going to the mall, movies, casual & fancy dinner, casual shopping, school, etc? I want to start dressing more upscale but I don't want to over do it.

Mall - sweater dress, black over the knee (OTK) boots, cropped black suede jacket

Fancy dinner - Burberry trench coat, curve hugging dress, black or nude pumps

Movies - quilted coat from Burberry, white tee, black jeans, black pumps

Running an errand - bomber, white tee (crop), black lululemon pants, black Nike’s, high pony tail

School (I ALWAYS dress up for school LOL) - black wool coat, white dress shirt tucked in a dark grey/black mini skirt, black over the knee boots, and black Chanel bag

Casual dinner - black cropped leather jacket, black romper, over the knee boots, hair sleek straight

I’m not going to include handbags because I switch them up often. My style is pretty casual.