burbank shenanigans


The splendid skhali kindly showed isaia, inbetweenthelineart, and I around the Disneyland parks yesterday. Because of her, we got to ride a bunch of thrilling DIDNY rides & eat delicious DIDNY foods & see spectacular DIDNY shows!

All our shenanigans kept devolving into Razaya. EVERYTHING was Razaya. We kept coming up with ideas for a Disney-date for Aya and Razer: From which Disney princess Aya would like most, to what humiliating things Razer would put up with for Aya.

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for taking us on a wonderful adventure! You are made of pure awesomesauce. <3


External image

Razer had some difficulty getting his hands into the gloves…


Traditional gift art I made for inbetweenthelineart, isaia, and giancarlovolpe.

For Sarah, I drew her AU of Aya and Razer. For Kim, I drew her headcanon of Razer’s family, and for Giancarlo, I drew Zuko and Space Zuko Razer.

Meeting them all face-to-face was such an honor! They are all kind, enthusiastic, and inspirational people. I will never forget their insights into life, the animation industry, and storyteliing. I will never forget their warm smiles and passion for their work. They are forever ingrained in my memory.

Thanks for everything you guys!