Happy birthday to my precious Matsui Rena

Sakebe: “I Love You”
Motto oogoe de aishiteru!
Koibito yo, taiyou ijou ni atsuku nare!
Sakebe: “I Love You”
Sekai de ichiban aishiteru!



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To Stay Forever (BuraGeki Black/Gekikara)

AN: Anywayyyyy so I was really, really bored today, and I got in the mood for writing, and then some Black/Gekikara popped into my head, and here it is! Man I need to watch MG again… Anyway, enjoy~

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Black’s never exactly been a “people person”. She doesn’t like socializing or talking in general, thus resulting in her having very few acquaintances, let alone friends. Many of these so called friends usually end up leaving her one way or another anyways. Be it because they simply fall out of touch, find better things to do, or in Yuko’s case, die. Usually, they just walk out of her life altogether once they find out that she has a child. After all, many don’t like associating with “those” types of people.

Black doesn’t try to stop them, she makes no excuses, and honestly, she doesn’t care much either. Again, she’s never, ever been much of a “people person.”

Her generation of Rappapa has moved on for the most part. Yuko’s gone, Sado’s become a nurse, Shibuya’s off on some “quest for redemption” and Torigoya’s… off being Torigoya. They haven’t “left” Black, per say, but one thing’s for sure, they’re certainly not “together”.

Gekikara is the exception.

Never once has Black’s crazed friend ever left her side. Not a single time. Every time that Gekikara would up and walk away, she’d only be back next to Black the very next day.

No, instead of moving on, rather, Gekikara has moved in. As in, moved in to Black’s house.

After work everyday, Black exits the building to find Gekikara standing outside, waiting to walk her home

“It’s dark out,” Gekikara says, looking down the dimly lit road, suspicion in her eyes. “It’s too dangerous to walk home by yourself.”

And Black accepts Gekikara’s help. Partially because she knows that Gekikara wouldn’t leave her regardless, but also because in reality, Black misses Gekikara. (They also have encountered some fights on their walks home, and everything is easier with Gekikara.)

When they reach Black’s house, Black never allows Gekikara to go home to her own place.

Surprisingly, Gekikara hates to intrude.

“It’s not that far a walk,” she explains without success, “I’ll be fine.”

Black is having any of it. She rolls her eyes and reiterates Gekikara’s words from earlier.

“It’s dark out. It’s too dangerous to walk home by yourself. Get in. Now.”

Eventually, Gekikara stops protesting, and she and Black are practically living together.

They have a routine as well.

After they get home, Black pays the babysitter before starting dinner. While she’s cooking, Gekikara does an uncharacteristically good job of taking care of Black’s son, Leo. (Although at this point, he may as well belong to both of them.)

After dinner, Black gives Leo a bath as Gekikara cleans up the table and washes the dishes. The first time, Black was surprised by how domestic Gekikara was. Gekikara just said that she was used to it, having lived alone by herself for so long. (They don’t mention the subject after that.)

Together, they put Leo to bed, and after, they enter the shower together. It is here where they start calling each other by their real names and discard their day time personas. Secretly, Black takes pride in the fact that she’s the only one who can call Gekikara “Rena”. In return, only Rena can call Black “Yuki”.

It is also in the shower where they wash each other and have small talk. Occasionally, Rena sneaks in a few kisses, and Yuki welcomes them because they’re from Rena, and only Rena can make Yuki feel so safe.

Yuki’s favorite part is after their shower, and they’re both so tired and they stumble into bed just holding each other. Yuki lies down on her left side and Rena scooches in behind her and wraps her arms around Yuki’s waist. In turn, Yuki snuggles into Rena and relaxes into the warm body spooning her, and usually, they fall asleep like this after a drawn out goodnight.

However, tonight Yuki feels a bit brave because she’s just realized that she wants to be with Rena forever, so she turns in her embrace and presses a kiss on Rena’s lips before turning back to her initial position.

“I love you.” She whispers to the dark room.

Yuki doesn’t need to turn around to know that Rena’s grinning her Gekikara grin.

“I love you too.” Rena replies in a hushed tone, and they both fall asleep with wide smiles on their faces.

The next morning, Leo asks why they were smiling in their sleep, and Black says that Gekikara was staying forever,

When Leo asks if it’s true with wide, excited eyes, Gekikara leaps out of bed, picks Leo up, and whirls him around in circles, shouting “I’m staying! I’m staying!” over and over again.

The two most important people in her life are right in front of her, laughing uncontrollably, and Yuki can’t stop smiling at her family.

And with Leo still in her arms, Rena plops them both down on the bed next to her new girlfriend, before leaning over to kiss Yuki senseless.