Tijdens het bezoek van de opdrachtgever, hebben wij een briefing gekregen. Centraal staat de Ebola Campagne. Momenteel zijn allen Bubbles op de werkvloer hard bezig met de debriefing. Hierbij doen wij onderzoek naar de klant, door op een rijtje te zetten wie de organisatie is, wat haar missie en visie is en met welke concurrentie zij te maken heeft. Op deze manier tonen wij interesse in de organisatie en laten wij de opdrachtgever duidelijk weten, dat wij zijn opdracht begrepen hebben.

Xo ~ Bubbles

My thoughts on the Adjustment Bureau

So a movie review I guess you could call it? The Adjustment Bureau is one of my favourite movies. So here’s the setting, David Norris an aspiring politician, he’s charismatic and a front runner to take the senate seat for New York when suddenly his campaign is ruined and he loses the election. Preparing his speech in the bath room he encounters the love of his life Elyse hiding from security, they didn’t know it then but they are meant to be together. This movie is set around making choices and asks the question do we truly have free will?
“The Adjustment Bureau” are a group of people who make “adjustments” to peoples lives so that they live their life according to their plans. Though David and Elyse are madly in love the Adjustment Bureau believe they are to destructive to be with each other and therefor set out to tear them apart, and to some extent it works, in the movie David and Elyse are pulled apart for over 3 years when by chance David runs into Elyse again on the street, they begin where they left off, falling madly for each other. Through out the movie people from the Adjustment Bureau constantly pull these two apart but it’s their undying love that brings them back together. David has to chose between his career as a politician and Elyse and his decision is made instantly. He choses Elyse and fights to the end to keep her. By the end of the movie David and Elyse are left to their happy ever after and the Adjustment Bureau back off. This movie to me, shows that in the end when you meet the right person you’ll know it and nothing will ever take that person from you. It truly is an amazing movie, I’d almost class it as a chick flick for guys. It’s got all that cute stuff for the girls and enough action and suspense to entertain the guys. Definitely one id watch if you guys have partners. It is really an awesome movie :)