I finally bought BUPT gear! The past 3 years I was always worriwd that for some reason, I would fail out.. even though my grades were fine. But now I have some! Kinds wish I could have some black tops, but I have a million black bottoms so I though grey would be better. I hope I can jump on the spring clothing sale tooo #bupt #dpt #physicaltherapyschool #ptschool

Enquanto deputados ganham R$17,550 por mês, centenas de milhares de pessoas sobrevivem catando lixo em aterros sanitários. 

BRASIL UM PAÍS DE TODOS ? Você tem certeza ?

Professor Wang WenBo of Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication joins picoChip technological consultative committee

PicoChip engages Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication (BUPT) formally Project dean rich professor Wang Wen of telecommunications is company’s technological consultative committee member. Professor Wang is the digital signal processing (DSP) One of the authoritative experts that and the wireless communication is with well-known domain, he will be together with existing member Simon Saunders professor and David May professor of the committee, further strengthen the technical force of picoChip.

The President & CEO Guillaume d’ Eyssautier of picoChip says: “We welcome Professor Wang to take the post as the key advisor of picoChip very much. He has extremely high popularity in the field of wireless communication of the whole world, and will become the basal important pillar of technology of our company. More important, this is nowadays global that we extremely value China in the important economic area, we believe, the taking up an official post of him. ”

Saunders professor is mainly devoted to WiFi, one femto of honeycombs (femtocell) Base station and indoor are propagated(indoor propagation) ,And May professor has extremely high achievements in the field of computer architecture and polykaryon processor. Professor Wang’s professional knowledge and popularity in the field of wireless communication, have bridged the shortcoming of the consultative committee of the prior art. Professor Wang is that Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication has first-class level at present “ Wireless SIGPROC signal processing and network laboratory ” ( WSPN) Person in charge,and write already, collaboration is or professional without being lasted four copy for book, publish more than 200 theses.

Besides work of Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication, Professor Wang is still a director of institute of telecommunication of Beijing, been ever engaged in the technical research and development of commercialization of some time in U.S.A.. His present research direction includes the wireless transmission technology of 3G, B3G and WiMax, and wireless net theory, digital signal processing and software radiotechnics.