Cranquis Mail: I want to get high...

(name withheld) asked:

Hello. Im taking venlafaxine 150mg with prolonged release and lamotrigine 100mg at day and night. i want to get high on buphedrone. any lower high on stimulant or chance to die xD? p.s no moralizing plz

Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a chemist.

And as a doctor, “moralizing” is not what I’m doing when I point out that:

  • (a) taking illegal drugs to hopefully attain a temporary high is dangerous, no matter what your friends say
  • (b) taking any chemicals (including venlafaxine and lamotrigine – and those are “approved” well-studied drugs!) comes with significant potential for side effects, so mixing in a non-pharmaceutical drug like buphedrone, which certainly has not been tested for drug-drug interactions with those medications, is dangerous
  • © asking a doctor (albeit online and anonymously) to give you advice on getting high is like asking a police officer how to speed without getting caught – your question violates common rules of decency, implying that “just because I’m anonymous” in this realm of interaction that I would be willing to ignore my professional and personal code of ethics, put aside my vow to “First Do No Harm”, and jeopardize my DEA license to prescribe controlled substances, just so I can guess-timate your chances of surviving your proposed experiment. 

So, good luck with whatever you decide, Dammit Jim.

PS: It’s been years since I’ve posted anything about street/illicit drug use, and the last time it led to weeks of cranky half-illegible messages from people defending their chemicals of choice. This time around, I’ve learned my lesson – THERE WILL BE NO REPLIES OR ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO ANY COMPLAINTS OR ATTACKS RE: THIS POST.