Sorry i was gone for a few days i was having a romance weekend with my fiancee and having my birthday..we went to the Kanas City Ren Fest and then had my birthday here at home.

I got alot of thi gs for my birthday and her parents got me these awesome rick and morty buold sets from McFarland toys. I went a head and built the Evil rick and morty to see how they turned out.

I will be building the other one later.

On Monday evening in New York City Kareem “Biggs” Burke and his Roc96 team had the Empire State Buolding lit up in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Reasonable Doubt. Tickets for his pop-up are still available on the brand’s website, ahead of the official opening on Thursday.

anonymous asked:

what do you want from felicity's backstory?

Oh, man, Anon.

I can’t really say I want specific things? Like, I don’t have a roadmap or grocery lists of Things I want from her backstory. Mostly, I want her to HAVE a backstory.

I want her to have a life uninformed by her connection to Oliver and Diggle. I want her to have had formative experiences before and without Team Arrow. I want her to have context beyond these men in her life.

I want Oliver Queen to not be the defining detail about her character and story. I want him not to be the thing that makes her “interesting.”

I want to hear how she got into computers (we know she’s been building them since age 7, but how did she have access to computer parts to be building them? Did someone teach her?), if she taught herself to code, where she learned to hack and why. Because she did that too easily for Oliver for it to have been her first time. Her first time seriously applying those skills, maybe, but she already knew what to do. She referred to hacking, when questioned by Lance, as a hobby; not as a cause or crusade or job, but as a hobby, which suggests it’s something she did for kicks and would be doing with or without Oliver Queen’s mission to give her hobby a purposeful direction.

I want to know if she’s ever been in love, or thought she was, if it went well, or badly, or just fizzled.

I want to know about her family; for instance, if she even has one. She doesn’t seem to be dealing with guilt and questions and making excuses to anyone in her life right now, which means to me that if she has any family, they’re either not close or located far enough away they don’t feel they should be able to keep tabs on her. She’s never talked about her family. At all. And Felicity talks a lot.

(And yet have you noticed, for all she talks, she says so very little about herself. I want to know if that avoidance is deliberate or incidental.)

Does she have friends? Anyone close? Does she have enemies? Secrets? Skeletons in her closet? Nightmares that have no root in what she does as a vigilante? (Because Oliver may be the Vigilante, but in the eyes of the law, all of them are vigilantes; they each bend their skills and intent to see justice done well outside the parameters and restrictions of the law.)

Are there secret heartbreaks, tragedies, or traumas in her past? Near-death experiences? Enormous challenges? What was she like in school? Did she skip grades, graduate early? Was she into any sports? (The girl works out, you can’t look at her legs and pretend she’s a sedentary nerd.) Did she have school friends, was she bullied?

I want to know who Felicity Smoak is, and I want to know why.

That’s what I want out of Felicity’s backstory.