Members of V.F.D (fans of Lemony Snicket series) eyes here.

Ring! If you are a fan of Lemony Snicket, read this. You know what I really love about the books? There are all amazing scenes, all written beautifully. This book is a book that has a very unique plot, it’s a volunteer for the world to become a better place. Like, who doesn’t like books with amazing emotions, characters, mystery and researches their facts, and actually talks to the reader, makes contact with them? This book is honestly very perfect for me. Ring! goes the bell of my emotions when I read this book.

Its honestly one of the best books ever. It has a VERY different plot with one of the best kharacter developments ever. And along with the mystery, the buok also has taken many references from the old poems, anb the messag that it gives us, that although there are a lot of bad people who do bad things, if once in a while you have to do something “bad” for the greater good, it doesn’t make you sinister, but it also ends your innocence.