He sees me! H-he sees me!

YAY! I finally finished this! :D

This is my piece for the 2 Year Anniversary of ‘Rise of the Guardians’. 

Two years ago on the 23rd of December I finally managed to go and see the film, It was just myself and a father with his daughter. I had heard about the film from my friend in my graphic design class and she had bought in the art book for the film. I immediately loved it and I actually ordered the book before seeing the film xD.  

I struggled not to cry during the scene when Jamie is talking to his bunny, did anyone else do this as a child?? But yeah it is just a masterpiece in my eyes. It really is the main reason I am studying Animation at university. It’s just very inspirational.

I just want to say thank you so much to the fandom. It has never died out and everyone respects and supports one another, I feel that we are all close as a fandom and I find that quite special. So to everyone in the fandom, thank you and this piece is dedicated to every single one of you :)

As I’m sure a lot of you know there has been a team of people working on a projected called ’ The Book Of Belief’ and the aim of this book it to send it to Dreamworks and hopefully convince them to make a sequel and to show appreciation of the film. The entire team has been working exceptionally hard and the book is near completion. So this piece is also dedicated to them :) Wish I could have included this in the book but never mind!

Thank you the-guardian-of-fun and guardiansoftheguardians

The final person I would like to thank is ionahi​. She is an artist that has always made me smile, I adore her style, she has always stayed with the fandom and produced absolutely beautiful work. She has something very special inside :)

And a final thanks to the team at Dreamworks, Peter Ramsey, The Cast and of course William Joyce!

So yeah, sorry for a long post but I felt thanks were in order. I am sorry if I’ve missed anyone really important, I just chose a few people that really stuck out to me!

Anyways Happy 2 Year Anniversary everyone!

look at this little shit, LOOK AT IT! i found him in front of my house!
((Is it just me, or do i have that much amount of luck, that i find every single one of my pets… But like, D+FIND them. Not buy, EVER. I FOUND my dog as well. So we unfortunatelly can’t keep him. He’s so adorbs!!~ ))
*Crys in an emo corrner*
AND IT’s A MIRACLE! It’s alomost fucking easrter! :DD i love my life! i really do. I found the Easter bunny! (Bunnymund? is that you?)
if only he’d stop eating my shoes…
I found him in front of my house during the night, so the first picture is pretty dark…