Are stresses in words proving to be too stressful?

An unexpected announcement made yesterday by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has sparked controversy all over Russia, as they have decided to move the word stress in each word to the first syllable.

For example, картóфель will become кáртофель, and дурáк will become дýрак.

Getting the stress right in a word is notoriously difficult, as any Russian learner knows, but while we might celebrate this change, native Russian speakers are divided on the subject.

We asked one Russian language professor on his opinion on the matter. Professor Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha, of Moscow State University, has described this change as ‘ridiculous’, but added that on the plus side, 'at least it would facilitate learning for the poor non-Russian speakers’.

What do you think of this amendment to the Russian language? Is it necessary? Are you for or against it?

(For more information on the change, please see this link.)