OH. oh. 

1. what otps in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
i still have that shitty opinion that otps in the exo fandom (or just /any/ kpop/group fandom. i mean, real life people) are just a matter of taste, so saying you do not get an otp, or that they are delusional and stupid seems kind of odd to me lmfao. every single one of otps are a matter of personal taste when it comes to dynamics, but yeah. in any way, in the exo fandom, the only couples i can’t really say i don’t ship in any way at the moment are hunhan and, sadly, baekyeol. tbqh i can ship baekyeol in a platonic way, but after all the shit i got over simply shipping krisbaek, and the dozen of asks screaming at me how real baekyeol is, how baekhyun probably haaates kris and loves chanyeol, how i am dumb and stupid for shipping krisbaek, i was so put off by the shippers that i can’t wrap my head around shipping them anymore.

in other fandoms, like, naruto. i mean I CAN’T STAND THAT WEIRD ASS SHIPS like why the fuck would you ship ino with gaara like por favor? itachi with lee? POR FAVOR???????

6. has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?
fandom has ruined baekyeol for me in a way that actually saddens me. i honestly enjoyed the ship, but the way baekyeol shippers act towards any ship that “”“”“threatens”“”” (lmfao at this because again ////fictional///////) their ship is disgusting. i was already pissed when baekyeol had a major hiatus and all i could see were byeol shippers trashing on krisyeol. and now krisbaek? and then it’s funny because if you try to defend yourself, you are the delusional one, trying to dictate other people’s opinion or being rude. baekyeol shippers that came to my blog to trash on me, or send hatemail to chels (and still send hatemail for her i mean. how sad is your life?) totally killed the ship for me. 

but tbqh, i don’t really feel like i belong in this fandom anymore. all the hate, all the rumours, the way everyone goes to each others throat. the way people value their otps over real people. over real people’s feelings. over fucking friendships. it kills me. it puts me off. i still love the boys, or at least some of them, but i can’t really say i feel like a part of the fandom anymore. 

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leave the praise sex for AFTER the wedding imo

LMFAO I CAN’T BREATHE hahaha. yes, wait until he’s well and truly stuck with my crazy ass. I’ll maybe even tell him on the plane to our honeymoon, that way he can’t even escape.

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Claire I love you (:

ily too Dalida <3333

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Thats me and the hubs he so knows about my love for Jjong! He even got me the Sherlock poster for my office OTL haha

WTF your man is AWESOME omg that’s love haha. 

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are you pitying me because i was complaining on twitter about not getting the krisbaek anon chels?

i’ll gladly accept your pity knfdknbldnfblnf OMG OK

so, at first, krisbaek was that little ship i had in the back of my mind (because tbqh i ship baekhyun with basically everyone in exo? as i already said on twitter, baekhyun is a beautiful soul and he deserves to get all the d if that’s what he wants), but i never really paid much attention (even with disneyland, for fuck’s sake why so blind amanda) because i’m lazy.

but then. oh god. then the whole airport saga started to happen. at first i was like “ok, ok, i can cope with that” but then baekhyun smiled a little brighter, and kris’ smile was just as bright, and they both had their smug faces on and they both kept clinging to each other. baekhyun was waiting for kris in whatever chance he got, and kris just seemed so pleased to have him there and everything started to fit in my head and when i noticed i was clinging to my heart and whispering “oh. i guess. maybe. i ship it a little bit too hard.”

and then you happened. you and “oh i ship krisbaek too”. you and “maybe i could write this krisbaek fic you want”. you and fucking “not-so-secret boyfrends”, “slow burning hope”, “s.m.l.e”, and that drabble and klbflknblf i was just kind of sinking? it all happened so fast and when i noticed i was crying basically everyday at tlist and wondering when things got so wrong.

that’s basically my history with krisbaek. isn’t it tragic. 

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are u still talking with sendandreceive? she is a krisbaek shipper now, and trying to accept krisyeol too

I don’t really understand why this is any of your business… but I have a policy about always answering questions asked to me, so =/ you’re lucky

Yes, I am still talking with her. I talk to her every day, she is still my precious waifu and I still love her a lot and she is still very precious to me. I no longer follow her on tumblr or Twitter, and therefore don’t really mention her (also because I am on hiatus so I’m not talking about anything, period), because of my Generalized Anxiety Disorder/KrisBaek situation. I have unfollowed her merely to try and lessen the amount of panic attacks and general misery I experience every day because of the things she happens to post on her blog. This is my problem, not hers.

It doesn’t matter what she ships, and I don’t see why it should. I love her because of who she is, and what you ship is just what you do for fun. Just because we have conflicting views on a fictional pairing doesn’t mean our friendship has to end or change. Pairings should not affect friendships, period.

I hope that clears things up.

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lol remember when we were sane and krisbaek didnt hurt so bad and me and u were almost shy around each other hahahahahah

remember when you said krisbaek was like almost top eight chelsea HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA you’re so fucked now