i have three brothers. the oldest one just started his senior year of college. the tallest one just started his freshman year of college. and the baby? well, today he started pre-k. his advice to his mom as they walked into the library: “keep it cool, mom. keep it cool.”

not to get anybody’s hopes up or anything but guess what i just got off the phone and found out

returning soon (vewy vewy soon) to an internet hub near you

if you tried to log on to bunnyvictorious.com in the last day, you’ll know it’s not working.

this is because someone, claiming to be me, claimed to be me with such effort and veracity that my websitehosterdudes actually thought it *was* me.

and deleted my whole website.

the whole thing.

there are lots of questions begging to be asked as a result, like:

  • who on earth would do such a thing?
  • who knows all the answers to the security questions about you? your mother probably doesn’t even know one of the answers. 
  • who on earth would spend so much time trying to figure out those things?
  • who on earth has that much free time on their hands?
  • why did the hostingdudesgroup let this happen at all?
  • why did noah not get the unicorns on the ark?
  • why is there not a pumpkin spiced latte on my desk because right now there sure as hell should be?
  • when will it be fixed?
  • can this happen to me?


    i assure you that i have answers to all of these questions, and i’m happy to share them with you.  however! there’s this fancy-shmancy internal review in which we actually find out just who did this (yay big brother!) and so to reveal my hunch (a hunch shared, oddly, by a number of my friends) would just be putting descartes before deshorse.  also i don’t like pointing fingers if i’m not sure they’re aimed exactly just so.

    {when i blame, i blame good.}

    as for the unicorns and the pumpkin spice latte, i think the answers are because life is not fair, which, as far as i can see, sums up my morning.

    i fear i may have lost everything i’ve ever posted, which really breaks my heart, because it’s such a nice documentation of our love story.  and it’s got so many pretty images.  they’re not sure if it can be retrieved… but we’re all hoping.  that, and some guy named xavier in china is hoping.  because after screaming bloody murder at him in my most basic, hard-pressed, totally screwed up mandarin, even he was willing to transfer me back to philadelphia to someone who spoke english.  and that girl, erin, had a big hearty laugh with me over the whole thing.  which, as it turns out, was exactly what i needed.

    anyway… it is what it is.  we’ll see.  i’ll post here i guess until it’s all resolved… but seriously, person?

    person i suspect?

    you have an amazing ability to make yourself seem so, so, so incredibly insecure.  because nobody secure in their life would ever do something so… outlandish? mean? exasperating? time consuming? bizarre?  i have so many words for you.  which is nice, because besides pity, that’s about all i’ve got in your direction at the moment.  i’ve got the best guy i know, the best friends, the best puppers, the best mama, and the best life in general.  you don’t stand a chance at bringing me down. i’m not mad.  i thought i was, but i’m not.  i was mad at xavier in china for not being able to talk as well as anyone on outsourced, and i was definitely mad that i had to call him in the first place, because xavier and i are not buddies, you know, but i’m not actually mad.  i just thought i was.  i’m not.  i just feel bad for you.

    we don't look alike

    more from the smith clan.  you’ve seen matthew on his first day of school.  here he is again, everly cute:

    see, he’s in front of *his* house with *his* picket fence.  here i am, 25 (holy crap is that right?) years ago in front of *my* house with *my* picket fence.

    i don’t have danny and alex in front of a fence.  but don’t worry, they had a picket one, too.  with roses climbing on it. and my old tire swing in the side yard. (we had three large yards; front, back, side.)

    instead have this.  alex and danny in front of the lake.  when danny started school (we all went to montessori school when we were little and then switched to private, single-sex schools.  i’m the only one who went on to boarding school, though.) but anyway, when danny started school and they’d drop him off in the morning, alex would get so upset.  *he* wanted to go to school too!  school was so fun!  (no really, in our family, we’re all really smart and into learning, so school is really fun.  we can’t understand your mentality that it isn’t.  it just doesn’t make sense to us.)


    here’s a great picture of alex.

    here’s a picture of alex and matthew when they were both much smaller.

    they’ve grown in equal measure, too.

    here’s one of me and danny and alex back in ‘08.  back when they were shorter.  and i had on three and a half inch heels and was well past my last growth spurt.

    more recently, here they are now:

    the moral of this story is that these are my three brothers.  we don’t look alike.  we’re not from the same mamas.  but we’re all smiths, and we’re all blood.  and, hell, we’re all pretty cute in our own ways.
    and if you disagree with me, i’ll kill you.  that’s part of the whole big-sister thing.  they’re everything to me.   you know i get a new brother, too?

    that’s colton.  he’s got a big sister already, but i’m pretty defensive where it comes to family, so he just happens to get another one.
    i like all these boys, very much.  i’d walk through fire for all or any of them.  i only have three other favorites.  and they are… well, favorites.  and soon, all of them will be living in the same house as i.  snuggleRAMA.