im totally pro-piracy and this comes from someone who has actually grown up in the music industry. like, if that stuff actually hurt musicians, i would know. like 80% of the adults in my life are musicians.

piracy hurts companies. not creators. and this goes for software piracy too. whether it’s vocaloid or a justin timberlake album, the money the people make is really not going to change based on downloads vs buying. the people who make software get payed a salary. musicians make most of their income from performances. it’s execs who need you to buy the CDs. they profit from sales. and as anyone who actually knows the tech and entertainment industries would tell you, they. do not. make this stuff. they exploit their workers and make exponentially more than those workers. you buying stuff isn’t gonna change that.

you know what just might, though? you enjoying stuff and supporting artists with your patronage to THEM, not the record companies. thanks. bunny out