psa on the term “depended”

the term “depended” (as a noun) is only to be used by the dependent personality disorder (dpd) community. we created this term to describe someone that we are dependent on, because we had a lack of ways to describe our experiences. however, there has been a problem with non-dpd people using it.

while this may come from a lack of education on the fairly new/uncommon term (here is the original info post), there have been some people saying that because dpd symptoms overlap with other disorders, they should be allowed to use it.

although symptoms do frequently overlap, this is our term which we specifically created for our specific experience, so we ask that people without dpd don’t use it or reblog “relatable” posts with it, no matter what disorders they have. even if you relate, you can and should come up with different terms, as this is ours. please respect that!

- mod bunny


My eyelids are gonna be stained blue tomorrow but it was so worth it.

27. Super Space Blaster Centi-Asteroid Invaderpedes 2

Track List Reveal for Steam Powered Giraffe: The Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera

Track #27 - Super Space Blaster Centi-Asteroid Invaderpedes 2
Written by Isabella Bunny Bennett

“Rabbit: Oh my, this gives me an idea for a song.
Lessee…lets just…grab the accordion here…

You’re such a whale
You’re a big big whale…No, that’s no good…”