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Hi SpongeBob! I just wanted to ask if you were ever planning on going back to Rock Bottom! I know it's hard to catch the bus (and it's pretty spooky), but you can use balloon travel again. Also, I think Sandy would be fascinated by the deep-sea life.

I’m sorry, but I am never going back there again! Even though Sandy is with me, I still get creeped out by the darkness down there. And I’m scared of the dark! :(

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Miles halp I'm playing Walking Dead game Book 2 or whatever and this psycho hermit lady in the woods took Clem's hat and now Kenny's making me get one of those farm dudes out of the barn so we can open the lock in the back and their group seems a little TOO excited for dinner HALP THEY'RE CANNIBALS THAT'S WHY THEY WON'T LET ME SEE MARK AND PSYCHO HERMIT LADY AND THE BANDITS ARE OUT FOR THEIR BLOOD HALP!!! THEY ATE PSYCHO HERMIT LADY'S DAUGHTER WHAT DO I DO DANNY'S ON TO ME PLZ I NEED HALP!!!!!!!


Dear Miles, I think I have something that you might like. Have you ever seen the BAMF Girls Club? It’s a web series that features Michonne, Katniss, Hermione, Buffy, Lisbeth, and Bella (From Twilight; she isn’t a BAMF by any means but she makes the whole show funnier). I really think you would like it, and if you want to find it, just go to Youtube and type “BAMF Girls Club”. P.S. I freaking LOVE your blog, I freaking like everything on your blog, from Gorillaz to Walking Dead!

No I haven’t!

I will have to definitely check this out.