bunnymund x jack

Rise of the Guardians Imagines:

X   Imagine Jack’s face when you try to fix his hair
X   Imagine Bunny protecting you from Pitch’s nightmares
X   Imagine Jack saving you from falling through the ice
X   Imagine ice skating with Jack on his pond
X   Imagine moving away from your hometown after seven years, and Jack being there for you
X   Imagine Jack helping you with nightmares
X   Imagine being Jack’s best friend, until you get a date and Jack ruins the date with his powers
X   Imagine Jack watching you and your children play
X   Imagine you and Jack on your wedding day
X   Imagine Bunny helping you because you’re sad about moving, and you’re losing hope about settling anywhere else
X   Imagine being Jack Frost’s twin sister and having a thing for Bunny, but he keeps pushing you away because he’s an animal and thinks you can do better
X   Imagine helping Jack and the Guardians fight off Pitch even though you’re a mortal and getting hurt
X   Imagine accidentally falling into one of Bunny’s holes


I do not ship Jack with anybody. I just can’t see it happening. Not Jack x Merida or Jack x Rapunzel or Jack x Elsa or Jack x Tooth and definetly not Jack x Hiccup or Jack x Bunnymund. I mean, I am a hardcore shipper for a lot of people, but all the ships for Jack is just a big NO for me. Jack Frost is one of the few characters that I am ok with seeing by himself.