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Pattern and Texture Chapter 9

1. Pattern- The repetition of a visual element or module in a regular and anticipated sequence.

The way this bunny goes through different pattens and continues with a pattern itself is very interesting. It is also very cute. Bunnies are adorable.

Source: Bunnymallows

2. Texture- The surface quality of objects that appeals to the tactile sense.

Characterization and textures mix as Hiccup has freckles all around his cheeks and probably most of his body. 

Source: “How To Train Your Dragon” by DreamWorks

3.Tactile texture- The use of materials to create a surface that can be felt or touched.

This texture is very interesting, the different colors and the different patterns brought into this piece makes it very beautiful.

Source: Susan Carlson

4. Collage- An artwork created by assembling and pasting a variety of materials onto a two-dimensional surface.

Doge is a wonderful dog. The collection of different pictures bring a smile to my face. Doge is cute. I do enjoy cute things.

Source: Sunpeach

5. Verisimilitude- Accuracy or faithfulness in depiction or representation.

Another beautifully detailed art of Disney. Here we see Merida in her her silk gown and covered up from head to toe. You can see the way the fabric reflects the light, giving it the accuracy of what the real silk would do when moved up against the light. The slight movement of her pinky as she clenches up, movement of her charm necklace, and finally the little exhale she releases when moving. 

Source: “Brave” Disney

6. Trompe l’oeil- A French term meaning “to fool the eye.” The objects are in sharp focus and delineated with meticulous care to create an artwork that almost fools the viewer into believing that the images are the actual objects.

The animation in “The Adventures of Tin Tin is truly amazing. Many are at fooled at first sight with the level of detail given in this movie. At first it was seen to be an actual factual movie with actors and such. The level of animation they have reached to where reality and fantasy become a thin line of difference is amazing.

Source: "The Adventures of Tin Tin” IMDb