Bunny und Moumouby ~sasunarulover

Digital Art / Drawings / Fantasy©2012 ~sasunarulover Being that bored should be illegal…
I was doing a chibivengers drawing for my sister, but then she asked for something else…so, i changed my drawing and went to please my sister, once again. Anyway. This is my sister and me.
And since she now has blonde hair, she’s blond like the sun, which really gets her, because she hates me drawing her with sun hair XD

MAde by bunnylilly.
For the brushes, go have some fun in my fav gallery under the Brushes i use.
brushes not mine blablabla
characters are so mine
Bunnylillyl and Moumou

Haunted Asylumby ~sasunarulover

actually the background is a picture taken by my friend : [link]

I just used some effects on the real picture, highlighting things and putting effects on the everything. And incorporated a red-eyed Ghost.

So background picture not mine.
Brushes i used, go in my fav gallery, under brushes I use
Drawing is mine.
Done by me Bunnylillyl.

For my Friend [link]

In the deepest part of…

by ~sasunarulover

©2012 ~sasunarulover lalala, it wasn’t normal to get a bright drawing so you get this after mwhahaha.

She’s the tribute for the beast. Lost i the deep forest, trying to survive ‘till the sun goes up. But this light…is it the Sun…or the beast?

Created by Bunnylillyl
Used brushes can be found in my fav.
Kassandre Is mine. [That’s the Blue Lady]

Pige dans le Lac_Cby ~sasunarulover

Traditional Art / Drawings / Fantasy©2011-2012 ~sasunarulover ouh, it was a lon wait i know XD, i have so many school work to do that are to be given this week, and a freaking teamwork whith a stupid teammate…..arg! Anyway, since i have 3 homeworks on 5 that are finished [i,m so happy yeah!, one more and my teamwork, and i’m done!….this is too much…..] my and my lazyness!

i love my freaking hand!!!!!!!

anyway, Go Fish, color!
Pige dans le Lac, or in englsih Go Fish [or only fish¸]

Card game. It’s a hand fishing a card [which is a spades] and a card of club is looking at her friend being taken away.

fantasy alllll the way XD [with creepy creatures in the background XD]

They belong to me
Made in Bunny’s hell
Bunnylillyl is their creator. and munchkingumpyto [which is etc…]

copy/paste XD anyway they are still mine!