Just spent the afternoon hanging a whole bunch of very cool art for the alchemy themed show that opens tomorrow., Principia Alchemica. Join us at True Love Art Gallery on Capitol Hill tomorrow, Thursday, starting at 6. For awesome art in your feed give these folks a follow: @ramon_d @symprez @parallel_evolution @samarayaart @shootaskew @leviathanleague @joeyveltkamp @nestingzone @daniellovre @bunnyleesworld by siolothompson http://bit.ly/1Dp11q5

“Earth”, oil and ink on wood, 10"x10", SOLD. Tonight is the opening of Principia Alchemica at True Love Gallery in Seattle (6-10pm). I was able to get a sneaky peak of the show yesterday and @siolothompson did a phenomenal job with the artist curation. All the work is gorgeous and I’m honored to show alongside these talented souls! Take a look… @ingevandormael @symprez @nestingzone @shootaskew @leviathanleague @samarayaart @daniellovre @lostkeep @bunnyleesworld @ramon_d by parallel_evolution http://bit.ly/1CuUa9w