Queens and Marsala and Peach

Marsala and peach  (dark red and gold) are the colors of Myrrh royal house, and all kings and queens wear them in some proportion, but there was never house Myrrh fashion actually.

Isabella the queen brought the style of butterfly rabbits into the capitol of Bunnykingdom. She continued wearing multi-layered light skirts and dark vests and coats, but gave up the hats for the crown. Despite utter fluffiness, the skirts were light to let her ride and run and stroll in the gardens - Isabella never was a curvy one, more of an athletic type, and never gave up physical activity.
She’d known she was going to be loosing melanin, so she wore veils and white-red make-up that made her look quite ethereal. Her looks were a subject of gossip during first days of Caspar’s reign. Soon bunnykind fashionistas were powdering with white powder though.

On the contrary, Iris the queen, Cayo’s wife, well, first of them, had pink cheeks and boasted natural curls and curves. She started a trend of dark, reach-colored clothes that made her look brighter and even more slim next to her pale king. Rich laces and bare back were her style’s distinctive details.
She wore a minimum of jewelry and her curls in a loose elegant bun.


DONE DONE AND DONE!! I’m going to Otakuthon this weekend as John god tier and this little girl is coming with me! She took me 2 FUCKING weeks to do and I cried a lot but it was all worth the effort! She is also really big…bigger than I expected really. Now all that is left is her box and I am set for my weekend in Montreal. Also, I bought kingdom hearts 3d yesterday and was pretty happy, enough to use it as size references for Liv :Dhandmade

Bunnykind Fashion {hopefully 01}

Some time ago i planned a fashion summary for bunnykind that would serve me as a reference, since i draw them pretty rarely.

The Kingdom isn’t big, so most of its people have common traditions, except for few small ethnic groups (like butterfly rabbits), and they dress their children  alike! The majority of bunny kind are pale (because they are active after the sun is down) and red-haired (like many feral buns are). There’s a little difference in clothes of the common and noble buns, however.

While children are small, boys and girls are dressed the same. No gender roles are imposed, isn’t this marvelous! Common folk use earthy neutral tones, plain braids and soft  clothes that are pleasant to touch and wear. Usually the top is decorated with more expensive cloth - with berries or flowers patterns. When top becomes dirty or ragged or small, expensive piece can be re-used for another one - most of bunnymamas can sew.

Noble children usually wear colors of their houses that were established long ago. For example, royal buns wear deep red and cream and gold (but since Isabella had 15 children, they used many colors to distinguish them and… because Isabella just loved dressing them).

The shorts are usually puffy and combined with stockings and boleros. Frills and flower-like decorations are very popular, but usually are made of cheap cloths because little buns tear and lose them frequently while play. 

Note that both of them wear their tails exposed, because it’s cute and their parents like to fondle them while little buns can’t escape!

Bunnykind Fashion {02}

Kids get older, and the fashion changes. They still are dressed by parents, but get to choose colors and adornments. And first of all they start to hide their cute cottontails, much to their parents’ frustration!
Both girls and boys, common and noble, wear earrings and flowers and laces and veils on their ears.
Commoners pick more serious clothes for boys, because boys always tend to be restless and breachy. Note their tails being well hidden and the lacing - it’s convenient when they grow up, no need to buy clothes every half a year. Cool pants are cool, because they have hidden reverses that allow to elongate them when needed.
Girls prefer to wear loose dresses (that remind their toddler clothes ahahah) with high waists. Tops are made of plain cloth that allow to combine them with beads and necklaces and also can be easily replaced when girls’ frame changes. Bottom part of a dress (or a skirt) is a more expensive part, with rich patterns, often decorated with intricate stitching. They wear high stockings, but cute pantaloons too, so they can be as restless as boys, actually.
Both boys and girls wear same loose warm clothes without fasteners if needed. There is no fur on their winter clothes, because predators fur is very expensive, but most of coats are adorned with gold\silver thread stitching, because in shines so nicely in winter sun.

Noble young teens continue to wear family colors. Instead of the general outfit palette, they are presented by adornments now: ribbons, gemstones in jewelry,  embroidery and so on.
Girls wear puffy multilayered skirts and tend to A-shaped silhouette. Just like commoner’s daughters, they wear stockings and pantaloons to be able to do all the mischief their brothers cause.
Boys wear vests with «tails» meant to hide their real ones, but they often split the cloth to make cottontail show rebelliously.
Both dress\skirt or boy’s suit can be complemented with a unisex tail-coat and a jabot.
Winter clothes are lavish supplied with warm fur, mostly natural colored. If the family head is really powerful, he hunts the predators for fur himself, and this fur decorations are most treasured and can be re-sewn to a new coats.

This chart is just a scheme. It’s totally OK if a girl of any  origin will prefer to wear trousers and jackets, as wearing stockings and shorts with laces and flowers by boys isn’t descouraged at all. WHO CARES.


Lil’ Sebastian. Or Lil’ Seb for short, of Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck. Probably my favourite of the Bunnykind. It’s made from a Dunny by Kidrobot.

He was so much fun to make.. Depending on how much people love this little guy, I may make another (or another version of the Bunnykind, such as Liv Tyler) to give away free in a contest. What do you guys think?

What bunnykind is your favourite? (possible giveaway..)
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    Dave’s gift
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    Liv Tyler
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    Lil’ Seb
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    Roxy’s gift
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    Indiana Jones Bunny

I am planning on making a Liv Tyler toy, after being really happy with how Lil’ Seb turned out. But I’m also thinking of doing a bunnykind giveaway. Any thoughts?