Firsts - Klaus x MC

Some sweetness for Halloween.  Hope you all have a fun and safe evening!

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“Give me a treat or I’ll cast a spell on you.”

It was far from the first time Klaus had uttered those words.  It was, however, the first time he’d ever said them in a broom closet.

He’d selected the vampire costume purposefully, looking for something that would suit his personality. A creature of the night that fed on the blood of the innocent?  It seemed fitting.  And when he saw the matching white dress and pictured how it would look on Clara, a pearly counterpoint to his darkness… well, it had been perfect.

He couldn’t even remember what had happened at the actual party. In any case, it was the same old drivel each year – a mediocre skit, a mad rush for the catered food, candy everywhere, and some magically-enhanced effects. A haunted house had been erected on one side of the room, and the occasional shriek sounded from within.

Clara loved it all, of course, and for her sake they’d stayed for a good hour. They’d made their greetings to her friends – Elias, in a mummy costume that was falling apart, and Yukiya, in a werewolf getup, distracted by his own furry ears. Then they’d been ambushed by Randy, who’d been even more unmanageable than usual, clearly under the influence of far too much sugar. Klaus had even tolerated the stupid haunted house, determinedly marching through and mentally identifying every spell while Clara shrieked and clung to him like a barnacle.  It had been worth it if only for her expressions of sheer terror.

At some point, Klaus had lost patience with the whole deal and they’d wandered off alone, strolling the perimeter of the large room together in the shadows.  Clara had seen something through the window – a firefly owl, or something equally insignificant, and as she stood there pointing, a shaft of moonlight had broken through the clouds and illuminated her figure.

In her white dress she’d looked so stunning that he couldn’t resist stealing up behind her.  “Give me a treat or I’ll cast a spell on you,” he’d all but purred into her ear.  Though she was the image of purity in her dress, in his mind’s eye he was suddenly remembering her in the wickedly revealing devil’s costume that she’d worn into his office earlier that day.  He couldn’t get the sight of her thighs – creamy, lovely, slender – out of his head.

She’d blinked, staring up at him, clearly at a loss.  And then, with a murmured declaration – “I’ll take that treat myself, then” – he’d leaned down and sank his teeth into her neck.

He didn’t bite hard.  It was just a momentary pressure, designed to give her nothing but a thrill. He’d expected her to squeal, pull away and blush, as always.

Instead, she’d gasped, jolted, and gone still.  As he’d soothed the bite mark with a kiss, his mouth had grazed her pulse point.  Underneath his lips, her heartbeat was fluttering frantically, faster and faster.

When he’d turned her to face him, he was stunned to see that her eyes had gone dark.  And when he saw the expression on her face, his whole body had jerked forward towards her, as if moving on its own.  Suddenly, he was reminded of how long he’d been holding himself back for her, and heat seemed to roar in his ears. His own desire rose and responded, a steady rhythm that seemed to resound with each beat of his heart. Finally, finally…

Then he heard her voice. “Klaus…?” she whispered, sounding confused. “What’s…happening?”

And with a jolt, he’d realized.  This was a first. 

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Barefoot - Klaus/MC

This is probably going to be worked into a longer piece, the Goldstein holiday fic. But it sort of read nicely on its own, so I thought I’d post it here since it’s been a couple of weeks since my last fic post.

The name I gave the eldest Goldstein brother is Matthias - but of course, this is not grounded in canon. Maybe one day, we’ll know for sure.


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The bed was too tall.

Clara stood facing the imposing four poster, hands nervously fisted in the silken fabric of the comforter. How was it possible that a bed could rise to be almost as tall as her neck? She’d never seen one that required its own matching stepstool to climb into.  It was a princess’ bed – all plush pillows and a lovely canopy, draped in gauzy white layers.  

It would probably hurt a lot if she fell out.

Clara smoothed out the silk under her fingers, then leaned over and pressed her cheek against it. She’d never slept in silk sheets before, and she was surprised at how cold they felt.  She shivered, thinking of the red checkered flannel that her parents would bring out after Halloween each year.  

A knock at the door startled her.  “Clara?” It was Klaus’ voice, muffled through the thick wood.  

“Y-Yes?” she called, quickly straightening.  

The door opened, and he stepped inside.  He looked casual but no less elegant in shirtsleeves and dark slacks, but what surprised her most were his feet. They were bare.  

For some reason the sight made her turn away bashfully, her cheeks beginning to warm.  From behind her, his steps were no more than a whisper against the thick carpet.  “Are you settled?” he asked.  “How’s the room?”

“It’s beautiful,” she answered. So beautiful she hadn’t dared touch anything except the sheets.

Klaus eyed her luggage, still standing where the servants had left it.  “You still haven’t unpacked yet?”  He gestured to a door in the corner, his tone turning caustic with impatience.  “There’s a closet in there for your things. What have you been wasting your time doing?”

“Just looking,” she answered truthfully.

There was a stony silence, and then she heard him sigh. “Well, you’re out of time now,” he muttered.  “We’ve got work to do.”

“Huh?  W-work?”  

He grinned suddenly, devilishly.  “Special Training.”

“W-w-whaaaat?” she squawked. “But Klaus, we’re on break!

“We’re at my house,” he reminded her, patting her head.  “Where do you think Special Training originated?”


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Growing Up Goldstein

Some personal headcanons about Klaus and Elias. Some of these could potentially turn into a fanfic, and I’ll probably add more to the list later. Feel free to add your own as well.

-The oldest Goldstein taught Klaus about magic, which played a part in Klaus deciding to teach Elias.

-Klaus was lonely when his older sibling left for the Academy.

-Elias was both relieved and sad when it was Klaus’ time to go to the Academy.

-Klaus had a pet bunny as a child, which explains why he likes to call the MC Bunnyhead.

-Elias would try to compose music to play on his violin, but his lack of creativity made him unable to.

-When the Goldsteins held annual balls, Klaus would plot different ways for Elias to humiliate himself.

-As children, Klaus would give Elias chocolate as a reward for doing his bidding, or if he was feeling unwell. Thus, building up Elias’ sweet tooth and turning him into Klaus’ minion.

Reunion - Klaus

Are thirteen days’ worth of memories enough to bridge a chasm three years wide? Klaus and Clara’s reunion after the Unhappy Ending.  

Shameless fix-it.  And of course, spoilers for the Unhappy Ending.

Got a few more prompts to fill, but more are always welcomed in my askbox (in-game relationships only).  And all fills are posted to AO3 as well as ff.net.

Out of the countless times that Klaus had imagined this day, he had never once thought he’d be nervous.

He’d endured the ache of the last three years, working gradually but inexorably towards this goal. The day of their reunion had been the carrot that had kept him moving – kept him hoping – and now, it should have been like emerging from a tunnel of darkness. Instead of the sunshine, though, all he felt was the uncertainty of a strange new world. As he walked down the cobblestone path in a tiny village in the prefecture of Reitz, the simmering anxiety refused to go away.

His surroundings were idyllic enough: a stone path, storybook cottages, fields of flowers.  Around him the sound of cowbells resounded from the hillsides, and happy bumblebees droned as they swayed in the air, drunk on honey and sunshine. Klaus harnessed his legendary focus and attempted to let these things soothe him – but then the sight of the little blue cottage came into view and he felt his heart rise into his throat.

This was it.

It felt surreal to be here, in this little village in the mountains.  Stepping into this sun-drenched world, it was as if he’d entered a kingdom of Clara’s own making.  The rules that he’d lived by – magic and self-discipline – had evaporated, and he was surrounded by a sort of timeless, sleepy contentment that suffused everything around him.

Before him, the little blue cottage stood. He couldn’t help but notice the imperfections – a crooked step, a clumsily patched roof – every one of them evidence of her hand. He did not need to see the little unicorn carved into a sign above the door to know that it was hers; he could feel Clara’s magic surrounding it, as if it poured out the windows. His breath hitched as he felt the gentle, warm essence of that magic again. And then something in him that had been roiling and disturbed for three long years finally slowed and settled into place.

He knocked

No response.

Of course, Klaus thought in exasperation, she wouldn’t have the decency to be actually home after he’d journeyed so far to find her.  She’d never made it easy for him; why start now?

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Foreplay (Liz)

Title: Foreplay (MC/Liz)

Klaus Foreplay

Summary: In which Klaus has some fun with Liz



A/N: Well first time for everything. Rated M for a reason.

He’s teasing her. Liz chewed down on her lower lip as his fingers passed over her most private area.

“Don’t do that.” Klaus whispered hotly near her ears, “Stop biting.”

“I…” Her voice sounded breathless as she grinded her teeth together, “Stop teasing.”

“Oh.” He was amused, “You want me to go further.”

His finger moved deeper into her. Liz moaned.

“Hmm…that’s a good reaction.” He observed, “Shall I try again?”

Liz dug her fingers into the chair’s arms. Her entire body felt that it was on fire. She could feel everything even the slightest movement up or down made her tremble. Her mouth opened and she cried. “More.”

“Did you say something?” Klaus asked, “I didn’t quiet hear you.”

Liz bit down on her lips again. He was teasing her again! Her face grew hot. His other hand spread of her legs further apart. His fingers were moving faster now and then he stopped.


“I need you to tell me what you said bunnyhead.” He dropped a kiss on her ears and trailed down her neck towards her back. “Do you really want me to continue or not?”

Liz pushed her hips forward and sobbed, “Please Klaus….I am so close.”

“Please Klaus do what?” Klaus wanted her to say it.

“Please just finish it. Stop fooling around you….” her voice trailed off. Her throat felt so dry and tight. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold out for.

Klaus muttered something on her back. Liz felt his breathe press across the surface of her skin making her trembled. She turned to rebuke him. “Just….”

He kisses her to distract her as his fingers began to move again. He starts slowly and then builds back up to the original pace.

“It’s seems that you almost ready.” Klaus teased breaking the kiss. Liz’s entire face it red and her eyes her clouded. She doesn’t look that she heard him. She was more concerned with her release. Her mouth opens again and short breathless moans escaped from her throat.


She came. Liz slumped into his chest breathing heavily. Klaus removed his fingers. They dripped on the floor.

“Are you alright?” he asked. She wasn’t moving and he wondered if he took it too far this time.

“Klaus.” Her eyes fluttered opened. He bent down to hear her better, “Please do it again…please.”

Klaus stared at Liz for a moment and then dropped a kiss in her hair chuckled, “What a demanding little bunnyhead…”

A Fandom Thank You

it’s a tradition of mine to take some time at the start of the new year to thank people in my life for how they’ve changed me, as well as their love & support. starting this blog was one of my best decisions in 2015, so i wanted to thank people in the wh community.  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 

this will get pretty long so i’m putting in a read more, but sorry in advance for folks on mobile!

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Klaus has to look into the Persona Mirror and how he feels about what's revealed.

Thank you, anon, for this wonderful prompt.

This short fic takes place in the same universe as Wedding, but far, far earlier.  Elias x MC, from Klaus’ point of view. 

FF.Net | AO3 | Fic Master Post


“I don’t know who I envy more – ”

His own voice, reflected back at him, felt jarringly loud in the quiet of the Prefect’s office.  Klaus muttered a curse and flipped the Persona Mirror over, silencing it.  

He should have known the moment he’d seen the familiar velvet coverings, even if they’d been in as incongruous a place as the knapsack of Clara Hart, his younger brother’s Buddy.  His father’s mirror had been locked away in the Headmaster’s office behind an assortment of magical traps so dangerous that even Klaus wouldn’t have bothered, if he’d had any desire to look into the Mirror in the first place. Which he hadn’t.

But here it was, in the possession of one of the most incompetent young wizardesses ever to set foot at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. One who had then carelessly left her backpack in his office.

Klaus heard footsteps sounding from down the hall, recognizing them immediately.  He straightened, slipping the mirror back into its cloth pouch.  When Elias knocked, and then opened the office door at his behest, Klaus was standing accusatorily, the covered parcel visible in his hand.

Elias blanched in recognition.

“What is your Buddy doing with Father’s mirror?” Klaus asked, slowly and evenly.  

Elias’ gaze lowered guiltily.  “Please don’t get mad at Clara,” he began.  “It’s my fault.”

“Care to explain?”

Elias winced.  “I told her that if she were to get the mirror, I would accept her as my Buddy.”  One look at Klaus’ face, and Elias’ voice took on a newly frantic quality.  “I never thought she’d be able to do it!  Or that she would even try…but she did it. Somehow.”

Klaus frowned.  If it had been stolen, Headmaster Randolph would have told him, and probably recruited him in the effort to identify the thief.  That this had not happened meant that Clara’s possession of the mirror must have come with Randolph’s consent.


Klaus set that aside for later consideration, choosing instead to harp upon another fact.  “You attempted to deny your Buddy?  You know that’s not possible.”

Elias flushed, hands clenching nervously.  “I…”

“Spit it out.”

“I-I thought that if I just didn’t help her, she wouldn’t pass her Trial.”

Elias’ tone was sullen and ashamed.  Klaus was suddenly reminded of a moment in their childhood, when his little brother had admitted to stealing sweets from a gift box meant for their servants - something that he’d never done again once Klaus was through with him. He thought now of Clara Hart, the little Bunnyhead, an unfortunate excuse for a wizardess – yet stubbornly devoted and loyal to Elias.

And Elias had tried to purposefully make her fail her Trial. Had his brother truly been driven to such lengths of desperation?

Had Klaus been the one to push him there?

“I’m disappointed in you, Elias,” Klaus said quietly.  “Disappointed beyond belief. A Buddy is a gift.” A treasure, he thought. An image of Clara came to mind, glaring up at him moments after they’d met, face bright red with both fright and fury, as she defended Elias to him.

Klaus banished that image away.

Elias nodded unflinchingly. “I – I know.  It’s not like that anymore.  I would never, ever hurt her like that again.”

There was a long, tense moment, before Klaus nodded.  “See that you don’t,” he said shortly.  “Why are you here?”

“Ah – “ Elias seemed a little startled that the conversation was over, clearly having expected greater censure.  “I was just here to get Clara’s bag for her.”

Klaus walked over to it, slipping the Persona Mirror carefully into the knapsack before handing it to his brother.  “Take care of that mirror.  Clara’s not the most responsible of people, and Father certainly wouldn’t want to know that something happened to it.”

“I will,” Elias nodded. “We might return it to the Headmaster soon.  I think it’s served its purpose for us.”

Klaus wondered briefly, but didn’t pry.  “Good.”

“I’ll see you later,” Elias said, heading out the door.  Halfway through, he hesitated.  “And Klaus – “

“What is it?”

“Thank you.”  His brother nodded his head and disappeared. The door closed behind him with a whoosh of air, sending a brief, cool breeze through the room.

Left alone, Klaus moved back to his desk.  He reached for his tea cup, fingers curling around the porcelain.  Cold.  He moved over to his tea kettle, beginning the brewing process anew.

A stray glance outside yielded a view of the sunset, as it cast ever lengthening shadows in the courtyard.  In the grassy clearing just beyond, he could see two seated people.

Elias. And next to him, his Clara.

They were sitting close to each other – not too close, but within arm’s length.  He couldn’t hear what they were saying from his office, but he stood there, guiltily mesmerized, as he watched Clara slowly reach for Elias’ hand. In a moment of hesitation she nearly pulled back. But then she straightened, seemingly full of resolve, and reached again.

Klaus turned before she closed the distance.  The tea kettle was whistling.  In the din, he thought he could hear the Persona Mirror, mocking him in his own voice, completing the sentence that it had almost said before.

I don’t know who I envy more – Elias, for having Clara’s heart, or Clara, for having his.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where... Klaus get's sick and refuses to admit it and MC has to nurse him back to health

This was a long ago prompt, and I didn’t quite incorporate the “refuses to admit it” part.  But this story also borrows from an idea that another anon sent me yesterday, about Klaus potentially using the Shikigami to give himself some more time.

I enjoyed writing this little light piece of fluff.  Thank you to both anons!

Fic Master Post | AO3 | FF.net

Doppelganger - Klaus/MC

“Is this what I think it is?”

Clara’s face immediately fell at the suspicious disapproval in Klaus’ voice. She stared down at the innocent looking scrap of paper, cut to look like a small person.  “It’s a Shikigami Beta. If you kiss it, it makes a copy of you that acts just like you. It can even take classes and do your homework for you!”

“I’m well aware of what it does.”  Klaus exhaled, brow twitching in irritation.  “This is Randy’s doing, isn’t it?”

“Well…” Clara fidgeted, looking down guiltily.  “Maybe I went to him for ideas.”

“Ideas?” He shook his head in exasperation. “What are you up to now, Bunnyhead?” Klaus put down his pen and gave her his full attention.  Depending on his mood, that could be very enjoyable, or very nerve wracking.  In this case, it was the latter.

“It’s j-just…” She stammered, and then swallowed hard before forging on. Klaus liked it when she was honest, no matter how embarrassing it was, so she always tried. “It’s just that you’re so busy all the time.  I was looking for some way to help you.  I know I don’t really help you that much by being here…and…” She trailed off.

“Clara.”  To her surprise, he stood up and walked over.  His voice had gone soft, and though it wasn’t entirely a surprise when he pulled her into his arms, it was no less wonderful.  She sighed and tucked her cheek against the broad warmth of his chest. In turn, his fingers tangled into her hair, stroking the crown of her head gently. “ I appreciate you thinking of ways to help me. But I can’t use that.”

Her shoulders slumped.  “Why not? Randy uses it all the time.”

Klaus rolled his eyes.  “Of course he would.  How typical of Randy,” he muttered.  “Clara, that’s a truant’s tool.  Using it would be cheating.”

“Cheating?  But isn’t it just magic? We use magic all the time.”

He smiled fondly at her.  “If I had used a love potion to make you fall for me, what would you think?”

She frowned immediately.  “That’s not right.”

“Correct.”  He tweaked her nose, and smirked as she wrinkled it in protest. “The most important things in life…anything worth having, you should work for yourself.”

“Alright,” Clara sighed, a little glum.  She’d hoped that maybe he’d use it to escape from his duties and spend some more time with her.  But she should have known.  This was Klaus, after all; Goldstein or not, he had worked hard for everything he’d accomplished. And she loved him for that quality, that searing drive that defined him.

Of course he wouldn’t use something like the Shikigami.  She shouldn’t have bothered.

“Speaking of work,” he added, a mischievous grin appearing on his face, “Shouldn’t you be getting back to that now?  Those books aren’t going to shelve themselves.”


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